Picture of Jaguar’s 20 Million Shilling Car Collection


silver Range Rover Sport (Cost:8million),black Mercedes E240 (Cost:5million), beige BMW 5-Series (Cost:5million),Toyota Mark X (Cost: 2million)

Usually when we get photos of Jaguar, we have to work very hard to obtain them, as Jaguar is very secretive about his private life. Just a few weeks ago he barred people from taking photos of his new 6million shilling home.

Even when it comes to his cars, the pictures we have managed to get so far are simply snapshots of him on the streets of Nairobi. We were fortunate enough this morning to have a photo sent in by Jaguar’s neighbour of all his four cars parked outside his house. According to this neighbour, the cars are:

1. A silver Range Rover Sport (Cost:8million)

2. A black Mercedes E240 (Cost:5million)

3. A beige BMW 5-Series (Cost:5million)

4. A Toyota Mark X (Cost: 2million)


Total cost: 20million. Nuff said.





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