Jaguar in City Shootout?

Philanthropic singer Jaguar is rumoured to have been involved in a city shootout around Ngara area in Nairobi, last weekend. According to a source, Jaguar stumbled on an attempted carjacking on Sunday at 4am. He was in the company of his security guard. “I thank Jaguar for saving our lives. God bless him,” our source, the man who had been cornered by the alleged four gunmen, told Pulse. “My girlfriend and I were in real danger. The thugs wanted to rob and kill us until Jaguar showed up,” the man added. Even though Jaguar refrained from discussing the issue when Pulse called him, we later confirmed that the windows of the Range Rover that Jaguar had been driving that day were shattered. In fact, Pulse can confirm that they were replaced at Jaguar’s city garage on Monday morning. It is not clear if Jaguar’s bodyguard had a fire exchange with the said gang, but our source has it that there was a shootout before the gang fled away.




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