Jaguar Buys A Fleet Of Matatus


He told our source, “I have moved into the transport sector. My sister is the one who will be taking care of the matatu business. This is a way of creating employment.”

Remember that Jaguar also has a taxi business called Jagz cabs, and a garage for pimping out cars. Seems he has a thing for the transportion industry. Well, my family also once had a ka-small matatu business once, and from my experience, it’s a tough one. The matatu sector is very informal, with drivers and conductors exchanging vans throughout the day. Also, policemen target them a lot for fines, and when they do fine matatu drivers, they don’t issue a receipt or anything. This allows for a loophole where the driver of the matatu can just invent a story that he has been caught by cops so many times in a day that they could not make a profit. Very frustrating. Also the many accidents and maintenance issues just made the whole mat biz a big headache for my family.

BUT, hopefully Jaguar can find a way of overcoming all these hurdles. All the best to him. What do you think of his latest move? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section below.-Ghafla



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