Internet Explorer Fixes Security Issue to Protect Against Hackers

Microsoft has developed a fix for an Internet Explorer security issue that allowed hackers to attack some users’ computers.

The company released on Wednesday night a “Fix It” download to address the issue and protect against hacks. In the meantime, Microsoft said it also plans to roll out a full Internet Explorer update that “will not only reinforce the issue that the Fix It addressed, but cover other issues as well.”

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Internet Explorer had been hit with a zero-day exploit, which takes advantage of a security hole within websites to carry out attacks. This means that anyone using IE to visit a website that has malicious links could have their computer hacked.

“While the vast majority of people are not impacted by this issue, today Microsoft provided a temporary fix that can be downloaded with one easy click and offers immediate protection,” Microsoft spokesperson Yunsun Wee said in a statement. “We will also provide a permanent solution for customers that will be automatically enabled on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012.”

Until recently, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser used worldwide. According to StatCounter, Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer as the most popular browser around the world in May 2012.



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