Indian wedding called off over choice of biryani

Groom’s family demands mutton biriyani, bride’s family serves chicken, marriage called off in Bangalore after fight

A marriage was called off in Bangalore after a massive fight over the food served by the bride's family.

A marriage was called off in Bangalore after a massive fight over the food served by the bride’s family.

An Indian bride called off her wedding following an argument with the groom’s relatives over the wedding dinner, Indian media reported.

According to Times of India, the arranged marriage was to take place last Sunday. The 20-year-old bride from Bangalore called off the wedding when the argument over the biryani revealed the true colours of the groom and his family.

The wedding reception was underway when a quarrel erupted on serving chicken biryani by the bride’s side. The groom’s family protested to the choice as they wanted mutton biryani.

The quarrel turned intense. Seeing the situation, the bride shouted out her decision that she was not going to marry the groom.

“The wedding date was fixed about 20 days ago, I had not even seen him earlier. They hurried with the wedding as ‘he’ had to fly back to the Middle East at the earliest,” the girl told Time of India.

It was not just the fight over biryani. The alliance itself seemed a recipe for disaster.”

“My family also had doubts about his moral character and that set me thinking. Finally, the biryani episode settled it and I knew I would not have been happy in the relationship,” she added.
She said she walked straight to a police station to save herself from being forced to enter an unhappy marriage.

“My parents accompanied me and the police had promised this would not become public,” she said.

She expressed her disappointment over being identified by the media.

“I have been let down by the police and fear social stigma,” she said.

“Right now, I have decided to go ahead with my studies and not think of marriage,” she said.



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