In-laws bent on getting our wealth totalling over Sh700 million former US resident claims

Heirs-fighting over inheritanceA woman has gone to court to stop the police and her in-laws from searching her house on allegations that she mistreats her sick husband, Mr Douglas Ngobe Magua.

Ms Leah Nyamuiru filed an urgent petition claiming her husband’s relatives were only interested in a share of their property valued at over Sh700 million and were out to intimidate her.

“My husband’s relatives have never shown any interest in his welfare despite being aware that he suffered a stroke and their sudden concern is both malicious and suspect. Their sole intention is to have a hand in our hard-earned properties,” swore Ms Nyamuiru.

Mr Magua’s 12 siblings obtained warrants to search his house and on June 1 stormed the home in Kiambu in the company of police officers, claiming that Ms Nyamuiru was subjecting him to inhumane treatment.

Ms Nyamuiru, in her application however, argued that her husband’s relatives left her alone to take care of him, adding that their action was a violation of her right to privacy. She wants an order restraining the police and the relatives from searching her home.

Ms Nyamuiru says she has been married to Mr Magua for 42 years and had been living in the US for 40 years. She says they returned to Kenya last year upon their retirement to take care of the vast properties and businesses.

“My husband and I worked, saved and invested our income in the purchase of various properties in Kenya totalling over Sh700 million with a monthly rent collection of Sh1.2 million. His brothers are unhappy that we took over the management which they did on our behalf while we were away,” she said.

Ms Nyamuiru swore that while they were in the US, they gave Mr Magua’s brother Henry Kamau the authority to run the businesses on their behalf but when they returned to Kenya, he was unable to account for the monies he was assigned to collect.

She said the attempt to storm their home was aimed at diverting attention from a case they instituted against Mr Kamau for allegedly stealing over Sh50 million from their businesses.

“My husband’s relatives have shown extreme hostilities to me since we returned from the US. This is primarily because we took over management of the properties with my son after Mr Kamau refused to remit collections he made on the businesses,” said Ms Nyamuiru.

Although she admitted that her husband is physically incapacitated due to a stroke he suffered in 2011, he was of sound mind and could make decisions on his own and denied claims by the relatives that he was mentally incapacitated.

Mr Justice Weldon Korir certified the application as urgent and directed her to serve all parties for hearing on June 12.




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