ICC to probe ‘Migingo Island crimes’, claims that Uganda forces are violating rights of Luos

Migingo Island in Lake Victoria.

Migingo Island in Lake Victoria.

A lobby group has written to the International Criminal Court requesting for investigations into claims that Uganda forces are violating the rights of Luos on the disputed Migingo Island.

The African Human Rights Bureau through its executive director Dan Alila wants the ICC to invoke its powers to protect over 300,000 Luos living and fishing around Migingo and Ugingo Islands “from Ugandan Forces aggression.”

The group claimed that the Ugandan Forces have been perpetrating crimes against humanity including rape, persecution, torture, imprisonment and deprivation of access to food which is against the International Crimes Act.

“The Ugandan government through its security forces has since 2008 invaded the islands and systematically targeted members of the Luo community around Lake Victoria causing them untold suffering ,” says Dr Alila in the petition.

According to the lobby, the attack on Kenyan Luos was as a result of the disputed 2007 elections when Kenyan youths uprooted the railway line connecting Uganda.

The lobby said they found it disturbing that some of the affected fishermen are victims of the post-election violence.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang are facing crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court over the 2007 election violence.

He added that despite a joint Kenyan and Ugandan governments agreements to conduct a study on the islands to establish the owners, harassment of Kenyans continues.

He accused the Ugandan team taking part in the study of withdrawing in the last minute after realising that the islands are in Kenya.

The ICC prosecution office acknowledged receipt of the letter and promised to act once a decision is made




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