I envy my go-getter sister

Amina Abdi in action

Amina Abdi in action

Amina Abdi is a combination of beauty and brains. A Jill of all trades, she is a radio and TV presenter, a voice actor, emcee, motivational speaker and a musician.Shukri Abdi talks about her sister who is currently hosting a morning show on K24 TV

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 20-year-old, first year student at the University of Nairobi studying Project Planning and Management.

Describe Amina in three words.

Classy, extremely smart (street-smart and book smart) and simple at the same time.

How was it like growing up with Amina?

She is a cool big sister and you can never have a dull moment when she is around, especially for the fact that she is talkative, outgoing and not strict as much. But the most important thing is that she always reminds me I am her small sister when I go wrong and that keeps me in check.

How was she in her teenage years and especially in her high school days?

Amina was not that hyped up back then, especially in high school because she had all her goals set and her days at Kenya High School were just glorious.

But that does not mean she was a moody teenager. She could go out but not as much as other teenagers do. She was never interested in boys and had her eyes set on her goals.

Did you ever see her become this big in the media industry?

Actually, I did from when we were young children. One memory I have of Amina is how she used to talk to the mirror all the time. She would pretend she was a news anchor, as that was what she wanted to become back in the days.

How did your parents handle her desires to do music

My parents are extremely strict; in fact, extreme is an understatement. At first they were not okay with Amina doing music because it is not even allowed in our culture, values and how we were brought up.

So, Amina being a musician was no good news to them?

Amina’s sister Shukri Abdi

Amina’s sister Shukri Abdi

When she ventured into the media, my parents were aware of it and supported her totally. But for the music bit, Amina kept them in the dark.

When they got to know about it, they were mad and asked why they were never informed and such kind of questions.

Amina was scared of telling them because she did not know how they would react.

But on and on, our parents have always been supportive of us and if you are really into something, they support you.

So, they had Amina’s back despite the odds. In the end, when Amina would release a song, my dad would be like, “Everybody, come see your sister on TV. She has a new song” and we would all join in and dance to the song.

Tell us about her talent in singing and how far she is planning to take it…

Well, music is not her major for now but looking at the songs she has released with Octopizzo, Lon Jon, K-Letta and Jay A, it is clear that she is talented in that sector too. She has an amazing voice, but I think for now, her focus is on media.

What else is she involved in?

Amina is multi-talented and I envy her for that. With her competitive nature, she does a lot of public speaking in schools and also emcees a lot of events because of her bubbly nature.

Speaking of Amina being multi-talented, do you feel like she has set the bar too high for you and other siblings?

From what I have learnt from her, I think that no bar is too high to be achieved. I am actually grateful for the fact that she is doing great. I always tell her that she is my mentor as she also motivates and inspires me to become a better person.

Any sibling rivalry?

Not at all. We all get along well and we never really fight apart from the tiny issues such as taking each other’s things without borrowing.

What are some of the traits you would love/strive to acquire from her?

Amina is a social and a public speaker; on the other hand, I’m camera shy and cannot talk to people in a gathering. For her it comes so easy. This is a quality I would love to have.

Now that she is the new face of K24 Alfajiri, what should people expect from her?

I am not a fan of morning shows naturally. But I will now be glued to TV in the mornings just to see how far along Amina will take the show.

I believe she has all what it takes to bring changes, especially because she has a great fan base, is vibrant and she does not settle for less.

She puts her best foot forward in all her undertakings and I would urge Kenyans to keep it K24 in the mornings and appreciate the new breed of talent because Amina will bring real changes.



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