Huge fire burns down houses in Kibera

Some of the houses on fire in Kibera.

Some of the houses on fire in Kibera.

Some 200 families of Fort Jesus in Nairobi’s Kibera slums will be spending the night in the cold after a huge fire gutted down their shanties on Wednesday evening.

Witnesses said the fire began from a house where gas cylinders are stored and quickly spread to the nearby shanties and razed them down.

“We heard two huge explosions followed by a huge fire that quickly engulfed the whole area,” Mr Ferdinand Khamati recounted.

He said people tried to salvage their belongings but nothing could be salvaged from the houses that caught fire first as the blaze was said to be harsh.

Firefighters, who arrived at the scene an hour later, managed to put it out before it could spread further.

It is believed that the fire broke out as a result of the gas explosion.

The victims are now calling on the government and well-wishers to help them rebuild their lives.




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