How Nollywood actresses harass producers sexually for acting roles

Nollywood movie producer, Ken Okafor,

Nollywood movie producer, Ken Okafor,

Many actresses always claim they are sexually harassed by producers before they are given roles. However, movie producer, Ken Okafor, claims the reverse is the case.

Okafor told Punch Saturday Beats that movie producers have always been at the receiving end, saying the actresses usually harass and blackmail them to get roles.

Okafor said an actress tried to seduce him recently in order to get a movie role but he said he declined her advances by telling her to work harder on her craft.

He said, “When I was shooting my first movie, Dangerous Licence, I got a call from an actress asking me where I was. I told her I was in my hotel room. She said she really wanted to see me but I told her we would see on set the next morning as it was late at night. She insisted that it was an emergency and pleaded with me to give her the address of my hotel. Reluctantly, I gave her the address. I met her at the bar and she was seductively dressed. She said she needed to be in the movie and came to do her own audition in my room. She said she would have oral sex with me and make my night. I felt pity for her and asked why she was doing this and she said it was the way to rise in the industry. Out of pity, I cast her in my movie and urged her not to let sex become the key to her career. It was quite an awkward moment for me.”

He added that some actresses also use such to blackmail producers in order to get roles and that movie producers most times decide to be silent on the matter.

“It is natural and human for a producer to find an actress attractive and ask her out for a date. What I see as sexual assault is when you are forced to accept such. Producers are constantly sexually harassed by actresses but we are always quiet about it. However, I am not denying its true existence, it happens,” he said.




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