How NASA document leaked to Jubilee

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Nasa leader Raila Odinga addresses a press conference at their Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi

The National Super Alliance has accused some Jubilee ‘moles’ in its ranks of leaking some of its secret information to its rivals.

The latest is information regarding Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from the October 26 repeat presidential election.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta was the first one to speak about Raila’s withdrawal from the race two days before while he was at the Coast. Then it was a chorus from other Jubilee leaders and their social media spin doctors. We suspect we have moles in our midst or Uhuru is using National Intelligence Service to penetrate our operations,” a source in NASA said.

“But we are not scared because Raila’s withdrawal was going to happen and it was to be made public. Those who got the information beforehand only helped to pass our message to Kenyans,” added the source.

Breach of confidentiality

He said they had learnt their lesson from the breach of confidentiality that saw the information allegedly leaked to State House operatives, who then shared it with Jubilee.

Although secret information might have been leaked, NASA insiders said they were happy that the strategies used in tracking Jubilee’s dealings with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) remain intact.

NASA chief executive Norman Magaya said before the Supreme Court invalidated Uhuru’s win on Septemeber 1, their top lawyers had been studying the trends in IEBC and Jubilee.

“Jubilee think they are very smart and they can do things we cannot trace. But I assure them NASA has some of the best brains that take little time to track Jubilee activities and get to know their thinking. So we are not shaken by a leakage,” he said.

He said in the wake of the Ekuru Aukot ruling, IEBC should consider hiring new lawyers. “Someone at IEBC should take responsibility for these continued acts of impunity…” he said.

How Dennis Itumbi leaked poll withdrawal speech before Raila read it

State House Director of Digital Communications Dennis Itumbi leaked on Facebook the speech on opposition leader Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from the repeat presidential elections, hours before he could read it at a press conference.

The leak prompted fears among Nasa supporters that State House has been monitoring, and probably intercepting, Mr Odinga’s confidential communication.

Speaking to Nairobi News on Wednesday, Mr Itumbi confirmed that he accessed Mr Odinga’s speech before it was read out at a press conference.


He defended his actions by arguing that he merely shared information that was meant for public consumption.

“Yes it is true I leaked the speech on my Facebook page. The reason for me having that page is based on a philosophy that I have that information to be shared first and it must also be factual,” said Mr Itumbi in a phone interview.

He added; “In fact it is called sharing information and not leaking and that is what I did. The Nasa coalition statement on the withdrawal of the candidature of its presidential and deputy president candidates was something that was meant for public consumption hence I just shared it to the public.”

So how was he able to get his hands on the confidential?

Mr Itumbi said he got hold of the speech ” through his own ways”.

“Being a trained journalist I know what and how to work to get the things I want,” he responded.



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