Hottest clubs to party at in Kenya

Nakuru Rafikiz Bar & Lounge

Nakuru Rafikiz Bar & Lounge

With tantalising seductive pole dancers combining dance and aerobics to thrill the crowds, the XS Millionaires Club opened its doors last Friday.

The new club located where Legends used to be (Baricho road) is a state-of-the-art entertainment hub that has sank in millions to make it one of the top-notch clubs in the country.

It has a VIP launch, a private VVIP members chamber, an overly suspended deejay booth, a pole dance ‘run-way’ strip and magnificently lit bars operated by model waitresses.

The vibe is chill, the club cool and the waitresses are hot.

“It is something Nairobi needed. It is the kind of high profile night joints you see in New York, Las Vegas and Cairo. It is a place for the mature crowd, people who want a night thrill experience of letting loose,” says Ahamed, who is involved in working the new concept.

“The club is still being modeled. We will carpet it, bring in more exciting activities besides the pole dance. It will change the way you look at night life in Nairobi,” he added, revealing that over Sh10 million has gone into the initial renovation plan.

The joint oozes the new uptown culture of posh launch night joints such as Galileos, Skylux, Aqua Blue Club and Lounge, Ebony, Pisces, Best Western Rooftop and Blue Bistro, which has changed the image of the Nairobi party life from the old backstreet sort of clubs.

In fact, to keep in rhythm with the competition, Galileos Lounge in Westlands was recently closed for two months for a major renovation with most of the material used getting imported.

Party joints are no longer places where one simply enters to sit on a stool to sip a beer.

Investors are no longer sparing any coin in ensuring that their clubs have a charming atmosphere, magnificent and friendly lighting, good music, attractive model waitresses, big screens and guaranteed friendly security.

“It all goes down to making the best use of the space you have. It is all about serving the people right. When we started not so many people had this concept but the new club lounge culture is now growing,” remarks Amor, the flamboyant young millionaire behind Skylux Lounge.

“When we started, we put in Sh15 million on the lounges, lighting and sound. Ideally, we did not want to attract too many people but the class that would spend Sh10 thousand per a table of four.

Every sit must bring in good money,” he adds noting that he had to hire a graphics designer to put together the entire concept.

These are the same joints where celebrities go out to party, celebrating life with their fans, where new trends are showcased and business deals exchanged over sumptuous priced drinks.

There are exclusive joints for night owls and party animals who love the good life.

And this kind of life is not only a reserve for those who live in Nairobi as other major towns to have adopted the trend and come up with top notch entertainment joints.

Well, the may not equal the likes of XS Millionaires Club, but they sure are the rocking joints in those towns.



Opened this month, the new joint is situated at Jua Kali next to Annex and it has an impressive interior with red and black colours dominating, balanced out with the lighting.

Playing mostly blended music it attracts a younger age group of around 20 to 28years. It boasts of a counter bar and a centrally placed dance floor with average priced drinks.


Attracting a much younger clientele, anywhere from 18 to 21 years, the recently opened club is situated within the same building that housed Samba, a popular joint that was closed down.

The ground floor club that is set on two levels has a smoking zone, a raised dance floor with cool relaxed lighting. The music is wanting considering the amateurish DJ but overall it offers a good experience.


Adjacent to Zuqa sitting on 4th floor, it is one of those few clubs that still has it considering it has been around for years. The DJs do a good job with the music attracting patrons from ages 21 to 40 years.

It has a smoking area, pool table, screens all over and the pricing is slightly cheaper than the other joints. It has ample underground parking with many special nights occasionally bringing artists over to perform.

 Da Place

Located in the outskirts of the city on your way to Eldoret, it attracts a mature crowd considering one has to drive to get there. With impeccable service one can afford to spoil themselves from the average priced food and drinks with a bottle of soft drink costing Sh100 for example.

The make shift wooden hangout is well made blending with the red couches, screens all over with a well done interior featuring a small dance floor. The washrooms are clean and parking is in plenty.

Duke of Breeze

The romantic spot that was opened a year ago is located on a rooftop building next to Imperial hotel behind a gas station. It is frequented by couples mostly who enjoy the well done interior creating a romantic ambience from the good lighting, the great city view with a very spacious dance floor and mature music.

With their great service you can order drinks and food, which are priced slightly higher than most clubs as you watch the chefs prepare your meals. For those driving one has to get a spot along the streets and the joint also comes with special theme nights.


You can find it in the city centre on the same building that housed Quorum adjacent to Easy Coach offices. Although it has limited space it boasts of great interior with comfortable seats, well done lighting, spread out screens and good music.

Frequented by 20 to 35 year olds, they don’t sell food but drinks are available at regular prices. With good security, patrons like this place because those outside feel as if they are inside due to how it is built offering good ventilation too.



Pretty much similar to the ones in Nairobi, this upscale club attracts the middle class group between the ages of 25 to 40 thanks to their strict bouncers who do a good job of filtering.  It sits on two floors each with well-stocked bars.

The ground floor is well designed, has good lighting with prominent gold Buddha carvings over the counter.

The top floor is filled with leather couches with a raised area for the VIP section. Beer goes for Sh200, shots for Sh100 with premium ones starting from Sh600, a soda will set you back Sh100 and a light biting like a hotdog cost Sh100 and a samosa Sh50. The washrooms are clean, security is top and no entrance fee applies.


Attracting the middle class as well, the recently renovated club offers a big ground floor area that is sub-divided into an eating area, a semi-open kitchen, a children’s corner, an enclosed expansive club with a club setting decorated with articulate artwork and a few African abstracts.

The second floor has leather seats with great interior and a balcony for smokers while being serenaded with slow music.

The top floor has a pool area with the more upscale crowd choosing that spot. Eighteen to 22 year olds into the kude kude and riddim’ kind of music frequent the ground floor while the other two floors cater to 25 year olds and above.

San Brandoxx

Situated at the main stage in Kisumu, that alone presents a security challenge. Though it sits on four floors getting parking can be a challenge.

The spacious club has fitted screens on the walls, bar counters, balconies and dance floors on each level making it different. The age bracket it mostly attracts ranges from 25 to 30 years.

The joint offers a wide selection of well-cooked foods from kienyeji to chips at affordable prices with local beer brands priced at Sh200 and soda at Sh100. It has good security and they only charge on special occasions.


The club has a flashy well-done interior with good lighting giving it a classy ambience.  The underground area caters to the younger age group while the upper area attracts a more mature crowd. It is decked with leather couches and an open kitchen that gives it a modern feel.

Drinks cost the same as the other clubs over the weekends with the exception of weekdays where beer goes for Sh150. Great music as one of its strong points.


The new entrant is situated out of town attracting 25 to 35 year old upscale clientele that can drive there. Drinks are priced slightly higher than the other spots with great variety for meat lovers.

The drive inn club is surrounded by food stalls, has ample parking with great security. The earthy colours work well with the décor and lighting.

Although it has no dance floor there is space for those who want to break one or two moves. It has special nights with bands and karaoke being a common feature. Soccer lovers are considered with the numerous screens available.

K Street aka Kanu Street

It wouldn’t be fair to mention all the others in the same breath without mentioning this unique area that covers one and a half kilometres of bars, clubs and lodges.

Situated to the south of the town, from brothels to dingy sex dens meet the county’s busiest red light district with over 200 drinking dens that operate day and night, be assured of a variety of local delicacies and cheap drinks while getting a free show to skimpily dressed women who attract lots of male revellers.


Bella Vista

The hottest nightspot in Mombasa for the past three years, the club will always carry a good number of clientele even as others seek fun in newest clubs in the port city.

With many LCD screens for sports lovers, lovely services, good food and strategically located near the CBD, Bella Vista is the club of choice for many and a must-visit for visitors of the town.

Visiting entertainers who thrill fun lovers every month often complement in-house deejays. Though popular, the club has been losing its silver lining due to lack of sitting area and fresh air when full.

Bobs Bar

The daytime car park has been one of the most popular clubs, not only in Mombasa but the whole country for a very long time. Always at near-full capacity from Monday to Sunday, Bobs is one of the few clubs in Kenya that do not rely on artistes and deejays to push sales and attendance.

Popular with everyone from youngsters starting to enjoy the nightlife to politicians in policy retreats at the Coast, Bobs is ideally located on the busy Mombasa-Malindi highway.

Murhys Irish Pub, which is more exclusive and expensive, is ideal for those wanting a private time from the crowds.

The Lounge and Sheba Lounge

The two newest joints are located at City Mall Mombasa. Well loved by revellers who are into exclusivity and a nice, private time, the clubs are gaining popularity as they are not always full or attended by ratchet crowds.

The lounges are quite pricy and offer another life different from the shoulder to shoulder revelling experience other clubs have. Most organisers in the town are hosting more and more events at the joints.


Lambada, Fun Fan Lounge and Skyluxx Lounge

After becoming the first club in Kenya to introduce under water discotheque, Lambada club in Mtwapa has remained the favourite hang-out joint in Mtwapa.

But Lambada is not alone.

Fun Fan and Skyluxx Lounge are the two modern hot joints in Mtwapa, the town that never sleeps. Fun Fan is probably the only club in Kenya that has the most private VIP lounge.




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