Help:Prayers and Financial Support for Millicent Makena Gitonga

millicent gitonga1My name is Philip from Kenya and I am a PhD student at Purdue. I am also a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. I am seeking your prayers and financial assistance to help offset a large hospital bill for my sister who was involved in a terrible road accident that left her with head injuries, broken left arm, 6 broken ribs and the badly mutilated left leg that was eventually amputated. She is currently admitted in hospital in my home country Kenya.
My sister’s name is Millicent Makena Gitonga. She is 44 years old and a high school teacher at a local high school in Meru County, Kenya. She has three daughters, Doreen (23), Florida (19) and Ashley (12). My sister is a widow from June 2011 after her late husband, Gitonga, passed on from a car accident.

Thanks to prayers and medical care, God has seen her recuperate tremendously and now she is out of danger and is on a path to full recovery.

The hospital bills have escalated and currently stand at Kshs 820,940 (approximately US$10,000). She will be staying in hospital for a couple of more weeks, for more care and rehabilitation that will involve prosthesis (artificial leg). Doctors estimate the total costs will be roughly US$15,000. She is not under any medical insurance so the costs have to be met by out of pocket means. My parents are planning a fundraiser to help settle the bills. I could be of great help, if I could work and pay the bills so that she can recover completely and continue with her normal life that most importantly include taking care of her three daughters.

Unfortunately, as a graduate student, my visa only allows me to work for my graduate research assistantship. I am therefore seeking help from well-wishers to settle the hospital bills.

Your prayers and financial support will go a long way in helping my sister’s recovery.

Thank you and God bless.

Philip Munyua
Tel: 347-944-9138



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