Hackers for hire – website lets you PAY someone to break into your partner’s social media account

Hackers-ListWhether you want to access your spouse’s Facebook account, wipe away some bad records or improve your online gaming score – there’s a hacker that’ll do it for you.

This time it isn’t Lizard Squad, or Anonymous, but a site called Hacker’s List that matches up hackers-for-hire with those willing to pay for their services.

“I am aware that my husband is using several dating sites. I’d like to know all of them and see/find his profiles on these sites,” posted one Israeli user, along with an offer of $300.

The scope of the jobs range from retaliation for being scammed over a social network to potentially dangerous requests to order “items” from illegal sites.

One poster from Missouri, USA, requested that his grades be changed to prevent his father from kicking him out of the house. He said he was prepared to pay between $50 and $245 for the job.

“This can be done within a few days,” one hacker responded, saying they would do the job for $75.

“I just need the specifications of what you would like done. Let me know if you would like to discuss more. Email me! Note: I can make fix your grades free for the whole year.”

Hacker’s List promises an anonymous service with fast, secure payments held in escrow. It also insists the service is just for legal use.

“HL is intended for legal and ethical use. If you feel a project violates our terms of service please report the listing immediately,” the site says.

“We do our best to moderate projects however we rely on the community to aid in this process.”

The site requires both hackers and posters to agree to terms and conditions that stipulate they won’t use the site for any “illegal purposes”.

And yet there are plenty of requests displayed that are blatantly illegal.

The majority of requests appear to revolve around people wanting to hack social media accounts to find out what their partners (or ex-partners) are up to.

“Much of these types of crimes are so widespread nowadays, it remains to be seen how much prosecutorial muscle will be put to investigating any of the password-cracking, database-breaching shenanigans that the site is set up to enable,” said online security company Sophos on its blog, Naked Security.

Hacker’s List has not responded to a request from Mirror Online for comment.

This isn’t the first time that hackers have offered their services for cash. The hacking group Lizard Squad started accepting payments last month – before their service was hacked itself.

The internet, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.



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