Governor William Kabogo orders companies and societies in the county to issue title deeds to members and wind up in 2 years

kabogoKiambu Governor William Kabogo has given companies and societies in his county two years to finish issuing title deeds to their members and then wind up.

Kabogo said most of these companies and societies have no more land to allocate and only exist through unscrupulous leaders who are selling other people’s property and public land.

He said within the next six months his government will demand the stipulated 10 per cent land for public utility from these companies and societies. Kabogo said his government will reposses public land that has been grabbed and sold to private developers.

He asked members of societies to demand title deeds from their officials as no one will be allowed to develop his/her plot using a share certificate which he termed as a temporary ownership document.

The governor said the corruption at Ruiru Municipal Council allowed private investors who had acquired land illegally at Twiga estate to develop their plots which were later demolished.

He said houses collapse because contractors do not use the laid down procedures. “In future, no structure will be built without proper procedures and paying the levies,”Kabogo said.

– The Star



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