Google Street View: Couple ‘caught having sex’ by side of the road

Couple-caught-having-sex-on-the-roadside-on-Dukes-Highway-Southern-Australia-1823706The randy couple have shot to internet fame after being ‘caught having sex’ by the search engine’s cameras.

The pair were filmed after parking up on Dukes Highway near Keith in South Australia as the Street View car passed by.

The image, which was now been censored by Google, shows the couple bent over the bonnet on a silver Sedan.

The man has his blue shorts down and appears to be drinking a beer. His partner appears to be waving at the camera.

The picture has since been shared widely on social media, with many users speculating that it’s nothing moer than a stunt.

A message posted on Reddit by ‘benxology’ claimed the couple was “me and my missus”.

He wrote: “We saw the Google car on the way to Adelaide a couple of years ago.

“I sped up, overtook the car then posed with a Corona (beer) in hand.

“I pinned the location in Maps to remember where it was to later check but never found it … Hilarious!!”



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