Google Kenya domain defaced by TiGER-M@TE

Google Kenya hacked

Internet users trying to access Google’s search engine on Monday morning quickly discovered the company’s local domain was compromised.

A hacker, who identified himself as Bangladeshi, defaced the company’s domain, replacing the page with a black background with the word ‘hacked’ engraved on it.

The error was quickly fixed. Google Kenya, however, denied claims it had been hacked into. The company explained that it was the domain name server (DNS) which hosts that had been compromised.

The breach, known as a DNS hijack, re-directed users to a different site whenever they tried to reach Google’s local domain.

“Google services in Kenya were not hacked. For a short period, some users visiting and a few other website were re-directed to a different website. We are in contact with the organisation responsible for managing domain names in Kenya,” said Google Kenya in a statement.

A domain name server is a large capacity computer run by an Internet Service Provider that translates domain names of businesses, individuals or other entities to their respective IP addresses.

The Bangladeshi hacker, TiGER-M@TE, has over the last few years gained notoriety for targeting vulnerable domain servers across the world. In January 2011, TiGER-M@TE, targeted several domains in Bangladesh.

In February, the hacker went after high profile domains in Malawi.

There are growing concerns over cyber security in Kenya.

Last year, an Indonesian hacker attacked more than 100 Kenya government websites in a major security breach.

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