Four Men Defile Donkey To Death in Kamahuha, Maragua Constituency


Residents of Kamahuha in Maragua Constituency woke up to shock and disbelief after a donkey was found dead after being engaged in unnatural act by unknown men.

The heinous act happened few meters from a local church where an evening kesha was going on.

Residents said they had earlier seen four middle aged men tying the donkey to a tree.

They said they were shocked to find the donkey dead with its hind legs tied.

Used condoms were found beside the dead animal which suggested it had undergone unnatural encounter with sex hungry men.

Area County Representative Njoroge Gitau strongly condemned the act terming it as satanic.

Gitau called on all men to shun the outrageous behavior as it portrays a negative image towards men.

Police are investigating the matter as the locals left wondering why men in the area are behaving like animals.

This incident comes just days after another man was found satisfying his sexual urge with a hen.

Similar incidents have also been reported in Nyeri and Kiambu County.

Women in the area complained of yearning for conjugal rights yet their men are turning to animals while others have been rendered impotent by alcohol and drugs.

-Citizen News



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