Former Presidential candidate Kamencu arrested for stealing underwear


Kingwa Kamencu was arrested for stealing underwear

It would seem that her failure to make it to the presidency has not deterred Kingwa Kamencu from stealing the limelight…literally!

Last night the former presidential candidate updated her facebook page with the news that she was being held at the Central Police Station. The reason for her arrest, she had been stealing underwear…actual underwear.

She has been busy clearing any underwear she sees in the communal drying area in her neighborhood. All in the name of promoting her campaign against wearing underwear! But don’t you worry, she has not been wearing the underwear, she has been burning all the underwear she collects. So she really does not see why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist.

Kamencu whines that she is a victim of persecution, concluding her announcement with a sulky, “It’s a sad day in the world when those doing good are persecuted for their actions.”




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