Former Nation journalist Tony Kago killed

The Late Tony Kago

The Late Tony Kago

Former Nation journalist Mr Tony Kago was shot dead by armed gangsters as he drove into his home in Ongata Rongai shortly before midnight on Saturday.

Rongai Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Francis Sang confirmed Mr Kago’s death in an interview with Nation.

Mr Sang said the deceased was attacked as he waited for his wife Carolyne Risancho Kago to open the gate to the deceased’s house.

“Mr Kago arrived at his residence just before midnight. The watchman, identified as John Kauki opened the main gate to the compound to allow Mr Kago to drive in. He proceeded to call his wife Carolyne on his phone to open the gate to his residence. As he sat in his car waiting for the gate to be opened, five gangsters accosted him ordering him to stop saying they were police officers. As he turned back to see who they were, one of them shot him in the back and the bullet was lodged in his chest,” he explained.

Noticing the commotion, the watchman charged at the gangsters who slashed him on the head and hands using a machete, Mr Sang said.

The gangsters also robbed Mrs Kago of her phone before escaping. One of the gangsters however suffered slight injuries after he was slashed by the watchman, the OCPD added.

Both Mr Kago and the watchman were rushed to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Ongata Rongai but the former was pronounced dead on arrival while the latter was admitted.

“We are appealing to all hospitals to report to the police any patient who goes for treatment with panga injuries, he could be the gangster we are looking for,” Mr Sang said.

Mr Kago was married to fellow journalist Caroline Risancho. A group Account Director at Public Relations firm Ogilvy, Mr Kago describes himself as a husband and daddy, and a media and PR consultant on his twitter handle @TonyKago.

Mr Kago’s colleagues visited the bereaved family at their residence Sunday to convey their condolences. He is survived by his widow Mrs Kago and two children.




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