Form Three student gang-raped and audio put online

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Police in Bomet are looking for three men who are accused of gang-raping a Form Three student.

A fourth suspect was arrested on Thursday and is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

Police say the 17-year-old girl was lured into the house of one of the suspects, who allegedly invited the others.

One of the suspects recorded the crime on phone and shared the audio on social media.

In the three minute-long viral audio, the girl is heard pleading for mercy from the men who appeared to be well known to her.

Residents took to social media to condemn the incident.

“The pain the girl underwent is too much to fathom. It is not enough to arrest and put the suspects behind bard, but for the courts to ensure maximum sentence is meted to the suspects,” said Mike Koskei.

Police arrest suspect in gang rape audio recording that went viral

Two people are being held by police in Bomet for allegedly gang raping a Form Three student early this week.

Eight other suspects are being sought in connection with the incident that has caused hue and cry from members of the public.

The suspects were arrested after an audio they recorded while committing the offense went viral.

In the audio, the suspects believed to have been ten in number gang raped the girl in turns as she plead with them to leave her.

The incident that has shocked the county happened at Menet Village of Mogoma location in Bomet East.

According to a relative of the victim, she was discovered at a room belonging to one of the suspects at the village on Monday after disappearing from home last Sunday.

The relative said: “the girl was discovered with serious injuries as she could not walk due to injuries sustained during the gang rape.”

The girl is said to have been lured by one of the suspects, who was in a relationship with her, to visit him at his room at the village.

“She said as darkness approached, the guy pretended to have gone to collect supper for her but returned with other men who ganged raped her in turns throughout the night,” said the relative who asked not be named.

The relative said the suspects who instigated the incident had fallen out with the victim and sought to punish her setting her up for gang rape.

The victim is receiving treatment at Tenwek Mission Hospital.

Bomet OCPD Samson Rukunga confirmed the incident saying the two suspects are helping police to arrest their accomplices.

Rukunga said officers have been dispatch to pursue the suspects who are said to have gone into hiding after committing the offense.



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