European technology firm targets Africa’s web developers


European technology firm, ImpressPages, is targeting the growing number of web developers on the continent with web content management software after securing funding from a venture capital firm.

The company which received a Sh22 million (200,000 Euros) boost from Practica Capital, is targeting the rising demand in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria among others.

“In the nearest future, the company is planning active expansion in the African market,” ImpressPages co-founder, Mindaugas Stankaitis, said in a statement.

Content management system ImpressPages is an open source programme and therefore it is used completely free of charge.

“Moreover, we are planning to launch the project ImpressPages on the Cloud soon. Creating the websites will be even simpler as there will be no need to rent a server–everything will be integrated in the product,” added Mr Stankaitis.

ImpressPages offers web content management services that allow for creation of webpages and portals for use in e-commerce, surveying and elections.

The firm, which won a global award in Open Source Awards in 2011 is increasingly gaining users in the African market and has about 3 per cent market share on the continent.

The system may be used by people with minimal programming knowledge, allowing them to create their own website in a few hours with the drag-and-drop interface. User may also use the Market place, an e-market system that will be launched this month to generate income.

ImpressPages is however set to fight it out with existing software such as Dreamweaver, Joomla, Web Easy Professional 8, Intuit Website Creator among others.

Increased internet penetration in the region due to the entry of fiber optic cable is driving demand for not only internet but content generation in a region that is largely reliant on content generated from abroad.

“For me, one clear advantage of ImpressPages over other CMS’s is its well thought out core structure that provides flexibility. The under the hood is very well planned and easy to understand unlike popular other CMS/Blogging systems,” said Christopher Azuka a web developer in Nigeria.




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