Drama as Jaguar Releases Kipepeo (VIDEO)

Kipepeo By Jaguar
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As soon as Jaguar launched his new video, Kipepeo, on YouTube, some comments that followed the song led to drama that suggested a conspiracy.

A user by the name of Kenzo Matata kept prodding fellow users, and making negative comments. At one point, ‘Kenzo Matata’ called Jaguar ‘ignorant’, which attracted the ire of many with some reminding him of when he was accused of stealing a song. In response, he said,

‘Yes he did good music with the help Ogopa DJs. Kigeugeu was a stolen song from Ali Kiba, Our song was a collabo, Kmess ft Kenzo’.

Pulse contacted Ogopa artiste Kenzo, who denied any beef between him and Jaguar, saying the user was an imposter and that, at the time those nasty comments were being posted, he was actually with Jaguar monitoring the thread.

The comments kept flowing hard and fast until Mainswitch Group, the producers of the song, disabled viewers from commenting on the channel on Tuesday. However, after Pulse noticed this and called them up, they re-enabled viewers to comment and openly critique on Wednesday. Then they commented,

“Have you noticed that all of the haters on this thread joined YouTube on May 6? The same day the video was uploaded and all conveniently happened to be online at the same time and commented at the same time as if it were a chat room,” perhaps alluding to a conspiracy.




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