DILLISH MATTHEWS BBA Chase winner looking for her Kenyan biological father

dillishWhile the whole of Africa is celebrating Dillish’s victory as the winner of Africa’s most popular TV reality series, Big Brother Africa The Chase, her family looks forward to completing the puzzle that brought about Namibia’s independence.

Dillish Mathew’s existence has much to do with Namibia’s independence as her victory of The Chase competition. Her mother, Selma Pashukeni (Mathew) Mancor, says that she has never seen or met her real father, Abdi Guyo, a Kenyan, and that the only father figure she knows is her grandfather, Erastus Mathews, 74.

During an exclusive interview Dillish, still flustered after her win, described the issue of her father as “sensitive” and that she is at this stage not comfortable to talk about it. Guyo was part of the Kenyan contingent peacekeeping force of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG), deployed from April 1989 to March 1990 in Namibia to monitor the peace process and the first elections.

Even though the relationship of Mancor and Guyo ended 23 years ago, the couple did keep contact for a while when he left the country. “We often wrote letters to each other for a few months after he left, and then responses from him stopped despite that I kept on writing. Later, I also stopped writing,” she recalls.

Dillish’s mother was eight months pregnant when Guyo left the country. “She (Dillish) she would be delighted to meet her biological father. She has missed out on so many things that normal children do with their father. It breaks my heart that she was stripped of that opportunity early in her life. I’m very proud of my daughter for she grew up without knowing her father, but that did not hold her back in life. She was still always optimistic about life.”

If anyone has information about Abdi Guyo, e-mail: . The Kenyan Embassy in Namibia is also requested to assist in tracing the whereabouts of Guyo.



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