Diana Kethi Kilonzo Becomes the Latest Sensation on Kenyan Social Media

Diana Kethi Kilonzo

Diana Kethi Kilonzo

Diana Kethi Kilonzo has hit the social media scene with a buzz after her first major public engagement in court with the ongoing petition at the supreme court. Kethi has become the latest talk on both Twitter and Facebook with many viewing her as a role model to many young girls and a challenge to the many who keep complaining that the world has lesser chances for the girl child.

Kethi who is Mutula Kilonzo’s daughter is a senior partner at the Kilonzo and Company Advocates, a firm founded by his father and which includes Mutula Kilonzo Jr.  as a partner. She was admitted to the bar in 2001 and has been practicing law ever since.

Kethi views her dad as her rock although her parents divorced when she was still young and she followed her dad’s footsteps to becoming a lawyer. She says that her dad has been her greatest support in tough times and he has been a guide to her greatly. Soon after she started practicing law, Kethi got pregnant and this made her life quite complex but according to her, her dad’s support got her through it.


What Kethi Kilonzo say about his Dad Mutula Kilonzao:


If I could describe my dad in one word, it would be ‘rock’ because he is the foundation of my life and someone I can always count on. He taught me the value of discipline, time keeping, reading and instilled the love for golf in me.

My parents divorced when I was still young, but dad has remained there for us all through. My dad is an exceptional man because he can see right through me.

I remember one day I came home late and found my mum furious.  I rehearsed a lame story I had made up on my way to the house. I told her that I had been abducted and taken to some mysterious place where I managed to escape.  She was horrified and shocked.  She asked me to call my dad which, I did.

He quietly listened to my fascinating story and at the end, he said only two things.  One, Freemasons was a men’s only establishment and second he instructed me to give my mum the phone.

I wasn’t punished but I learnt a valuable lesson ? honesty. Words cannot explain how my dad has impacted on my life.

Another incident that I recall well was when I fell pregnant. Soon after I was admitted and began practice as an advocate under his tutelage, my pregnancy started showing.

I will never forget how one day out of the blues, he reminded me that I came from a stock of strong women.  I have held my chin up high since.

It is on such occasions when you least expect it that he quietly reminds you that he’s right there with you. It’s hard to fault him; especially when he picked such a wonderful girl to be my mum




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