Diamond’s Kshs2.5M New music video ‘Number One”

CaptureBarely a month after electrifying Kenyans on his Kenyan Tour, Diamond set off to Cape Town to shoot a video for his romantic single ‘Number One’.

The prolific Tanzanian star spared no expense in shooting this video approximated to have cost Ksh2.6M. A princely sum that is not very common in East African videos. And the result, we have to say was nothing short of spectacular.

From the private jet, Bentley, Ferrari, yatch and penthouse overlooking the ocean, complete with an infinity pool, this video screams premium.

Teaming up with Ogopa Video, who are known for their quality videos, Diamond has managed to release a production that is a cut above the rest in East Africa.

In ‘The making of number one’, Diamond opens up about the video.

He was tired of making heartbreak and breakup songs. Hence the creation of this song which is about a couple that is happy and in love, a couple that celebrates their love….expensively… we might add.

As for the shoot location being way down south, Diamond wanted a change. A change in scenes, faces, a chance for him to evolve his craft. This was evident in the fact that 80% of the team that worked on this video are from South Africa.

The hardest shoot scene was on the yatch. The freezing cape weather was not very accommodating to the skimpy dressing required for the scene. So every few minutes he had to cover his incredibly toned self to avoid hypothermia.

That aside, Diamond had a blast driving the Ferrari down the scenic hills because he had never driven a Ferrari before. He also admits that the drone used to for the aerial shots unnerved and fascinated him in equal measure.

All in all he is glad that his vision was made a reality by the Ogopa Crew and the rest of the team.




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