Destination Nakuru, the new sin city in Kenya

Images culled from pulse magazine kenya fb page

Images culled from pulse magazine kenya fb page

The girl gyrates in sync with loud music emanating from huge loud speakers at a nightclub.

A man, charmed by her dancing prowess, approaches her. A woman, old enough to be the girl mother, dances towards the two and tries to snatch the young man from her. The two almost fight. The whole scene appears cut out from one of those Nigerian movies. But this is real and it is the norm in Nakuru  town.

The town is gaining notoriety due to its growing nightlife. Patrons have christened Nakuru NaxVegas to mean it is an entertainment hub. The name is borrowed from US  Las Vegas, which is billed to be the world entertainment capital.

From Friday to Sunday, revellers from Nairobi, Naivasha, Eldoret, Kericho and Kisumu flock Nakuru  to enjoy illicit sex, alcohol and just anything that embodies fun.

Every Friday afternoon, all roads in the town are gridlocked because of the high number of visitors.

“There is a revolution here. The town has become the choice destination for young people seeking top-flight entertainment, said Joseph Maina, a resident.


Again, to give the town the Las Vegas touch, partygoers have borrowed the phrase “what happens in NaxVegas (Las Vegas), remains in NaxVegas (Las Vegas), as they seek to keep their deeds under wraps, as it happens in Las Vegas.

People come here to enjoy themselves and whatever happens in the town should remain here, said Sharleen, 27.

Sharleen, who did not reveal her second name, said she works at a firm in Nairobi and had visited Nakuru  with a group of friends to enjoy themselves.

So, why did they pick Nakuru yet there are many and better night joints in Nairobi

We heard our friends saying  Nakuru is the new hot spot for people looking for real fun. We decided to try it, she said.

The town is home to the world-famed Lake Nakuru National Park known for hosting millions of flamingoes. Menengai Crater is also located in the town.

I came to visit the park and of course sample the nightlife. It is fun, people know how to party here, said Jim Fritz, a tourist from Canada.

Fritz was dancing the night away with friends at Rafikis, a popular joint along Kenyatta Avenue.

I have been to Nairobi at night and I can tell you there is something different about Nakuru. You don’t  feel the rush that characterises Nairobi. Neither can you feel the slowness of small towns. Nakuru has the right atmosphere for fun, he says. And with influx of visitors every weekend in Nakuru, commercial sex is thriving as The Standard team found out.

Although illegal, sex work goes on unfettered on the streets. ?

The number of twilight girls has increased with the number of visitors. The girls hang around nightclubs, bars and other facilities from where they are able to spot potential clients easily.

Investigation established that commercial sex work is also gaining prominence during the day in the town.

It is now normal to spot commercial sex workers outside chemists, bars and shops where men can easily spot them. ?


The young girls are slowly edging out older women from the streets as the trade picks up. Older women now represent low class category of sex workers. ?

Four sex workers told The Standard their charges range from Sh1,000 to Sh2,000. However, one can

One of the girls demanded Sh1,500 for the whole night but she was willing to take Sh1,000 as long as one pays for room services.?

Some of the girls said they have children or even married but are forced to the streets due to economic hardships. ?

Gusii Street, one of the notorious avenues in Nakuru, is self-contained as far as pleasures of the world are concerned. ?

“The street is a one-stop shop because you will get whatever you want, be it sex workers or lodgings,” says a resident. ?

Joseph Kurgat, who runs a chemist along the street, says there are two types of call girls. There are those who charge as low as Sh50 or Sh100, while others charge as much as Sh500.?

The girls live in groups and often work in shifts since some of them have young children. ?

In some hotels along the streets, high-class sex workers have rented rooms saving clients the trouble of looking for accommodation.

Vehicles, including those bearing GK number plates, pick and drop the women from the streets.




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