CORD Vs Jubilee: Nairobi assembly members engage in a brawl at City Hall

CaptureThe disagreements between CORD and Jubilee was spilling over to the county assemblies.

Nairobi assembly members nearly exchanged blows, after cord affiliated MCAs objected to insinuations by the minority leader, that the call for dialogue was an attempt by CORD to give its leaders some relevance.

The scuffles were reminiscent of the days when councilors ruled and rules never applied as they conducted their business.

Nairobi Jubilee, Cord MCAs fight over Raila remark

Minority leader of the Nairobi County Assembly Abdi Guyo’s “offensive” remarks on Raila’s angers Cord MCAs.

City Hall was this afternoon the scene of a melee after Jubilee and Cord MCAs fought over a remark made about opposition leader Raila Odinga. As the afternoon session of proceedings was beginning, Minority Leader of the Assembly Abdi Guyo rose on a personal statement and dismissed the hype surrounding the return of Raila.

“Raila was not elected the president of the country on March 4 and so even if he comes back and there is a lot of hype, Uhuru is the president,” Guyo said.

A section of Cord MCAs shouted him down and demanded an apology which Guyo refused to make. It is at this point that Cord and Jubilee MCAs stood up and started fighting.

The fight went on for about 30 minutes during which time the Assembly speaker Alex Ole Magelo attempted to restore order but to no avail. Magelo’s personal bodyguards then pushed away some MCAs who were fighting close to the speaker’s chair as Magelo retired to his office but not before ordering Guyo to leave the chambers.

Several other Jubilee MCAs walked out in protest with Guyo upon which Sarang’ombe Ward Representative Pius Otieno Otieno took over the role of the Speaker to carry on with the assembly’s business.

There were also chants of “Ngwele must go!” by a section of the battling MCAs calling for the removal of Ngwele, the clerk of the County Assembly.

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