CORD Senator Hassan Omar Hassan differ with RAILA over referendum push

Mombasa County Senator Hassan Omar Hassan. He has differed Cord's Raila Odinga over the on-going push for a referendum

Mombasa County Senator Hassan Omar Hassan. He has differed Cord’s Raila Odinga over the on-going push for a referendum

Cord principal Raila Odinga and Mombasa County Senator Hassan Omar Hassan have differed over the on-going push for a referendum.

Senator Omar said the Coast ODM leadership was not involved in its proposal.

Mr Omar said the time for politicking was over.

He said that what elected Cord leaders should do is to deliver their promises to the electorate.

“What is the rational of a Parliamentary system? Were our views as Coast leadership sought by the coalition leaders before they started the referendum push?” he asked.

He said they should have been involved from the beginning.

Without mincing words, Mr Omar said it was time for the coalition to learn to critique itself when things go wrong.

But addressing the county leadership at Flamingo Beach Hotel on Thursday night, Mr Odinga said the Cord leaders had earlier met ‘experts’ at Serena Beach Hotel to review among other things their performance in the March 4, 2013 elections.

“Our critics are missing the point for a two-pronged push to amend the constitution. There is no perfect constitution in the world and we felt that our constitution was perfect when we promulgated in August 2010,” he said.

According to him there was no sinister motive in calling for amendments to ensure devolution and changes in governance were entrenched in the constitution.

He explained that the presidential system had proven difficult for running the government.

This is because the bicameral houses and the executive were operating independently causing frequent clashes between them.

“The President, his deputy and their cabinet secretaries are not members of Parliament. It therefore becomes difficult for the National Assembly to question the executive on different issues affecting the country,” he said.

He cautioned elected Cord leaders to be wary of what he called the Jubilee government’s ‘trickery’ to woo them.

He claimed that the Jubilee leadership was against the devolved system and wanted to control everything from Nairobi.

“We want a government of politics where the president, the deputy and cabinet minister are members of parliament so that they can be accountable and answer questions from the floor of the House,” he added.

Speaking on the sidelines later, Senator Omar criticised his colleagues Johnston Muthama (Machakos) and James Orengo (Siaya) for ‘hijacking’ the Senate to sneak in their own ‘unclear’ agenda.

“Who is Muthama to tell us what to do? It is also unacceptable for even my learned friend Orengo to speak for the rest of us without seeking our stand on issues,” he said.

Separately, majority chief whip Beatrice Elachi accused the Cord principals of plotting a ‘coup’ through hijacking the push for constitutional amendments by senators and governors which was totally different from the one being advanced by the opposition.

“What is being pushed by Mr Odinga and his group is totally different from what we are pushing as the Senate.

Our proposals have nothing to do with any system of government but amendments to strengthen devolution and to define the roles of the Senate and the National Assembly,” she said. She was speaking at the Travellers Beach Resort in the North Coast.




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