Jean Leah NjorogeThe family of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Njoroge (Baba na Mama Ngina) glorifies the Lord Jehova for His grace upon their daughter Jean Leah Njoroge who has been honoured  with a doctorate at one of the best universities in Texas USA, (Texas A&M University).

Dr. Jean Leah Njoroge was awarded a Phd doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering. Dissertation: “Atomistic Simulation of Graphene-Polyurethane Nanocomposite for Use in Ballistic Applications”  One of her commemorates also a Kenyan Proffesor resinding in US, commended her saying that for the past  25 years there has not been a Kenyan woman with such an achievement in US.  Dr. Jean Leah Njoroge has made the Kenyans in US proud.

One of her lifetime motto is “..hindi ciothe mwaikara thi kuriai undu.” ( any time you come together try and develope something). Let you time not be wasted.” Dr Jean L. Njoroge, we are humbled before God to have you as a daughter, a sister, an untie a niece a friend a mentor and a protege.

Lastly remember to give back to the community and your country.   The graduation took place in Dallas, USA on the 16th August 2013.

Dr Jean L. Njoroge

She is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Njoroge wa Joram (both former residents of UK before relocating back in Kenya), sister to Jorum Thuo of Brixton, UK, Ngina (USA), Mwangi and Cecilia (UK). She is a grandchild of the late Mr. & Mrs. Jorum Thuo of Lironi, Kiambu.




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