Comedian Nyambane:Linda Muthama was cheating on me with a politician’s son

lalalaIt was a distress call! As the night was falling that Monday, May 20 last year, celebrated comedian and young investor Walter Mong’are broke the unusual news to Pulse.

It was a lead to his own marriage woes with singer Linda Muthama, his much-popularised second wife. Their marriage was on the rocks. From his tense tone, you would tell things were thick.

And it wasn’t until a week ago that Linda finally broke the silence about the marriage break down, about nine months after she moved out of the Lang’ata house where she had been staying with the father of her baby Laika.

It had been a love affair born from music, a fairy tale of two celebrities, a story of an artiste and a manager turned man and wife, a second wife indeed who came out confessing her love for the married man.

But it was early last year when, according to Nyambane, cracks started to appear in their marriage. He had moved to Kisii County where he had landed a lucrative job as the Director of Communications when things started falling apart.

Nyambane claimed that he knew of a brewing love affair between Linda and a politician’s son. The guy comes from one of the big political families in Central Kenya.

On Nyambane’s phone were mindboggling text messages exchanged between him and Linda.

“I am not your wife and he owes you nothing. He is speaking to the cops and lawyers. If this connects, he can spoil more than you. Please keep off,” one of the messages, allegedly sent to Nyambane read.

Also on his phone were screen shots, again allegedly taken from Linda’s phone, evidence the comedian claimed was his proof of the brewing romantic affair between Linda and the man from Central.

“Sweet, I can’t pick up. I am seated in front of the stage faced by 400 people,” one of the texts that bore the politician son’s name read.

“Why are you mteja…Why can’t I stop thinking about you…I can’t imagine I really want to talk to you. Then your phone is off. I’m so sad…I really miss you…,” the chain continued.

We still have the messages in our possession.

The man who studied abroad holds a high title at an international marketing firm. He is also a motivational speaker.

Ironically, the messages had no reply and according to Nyambane, the man was probably not so into Linda and only seemed keen to have a clandestine affair.

The two men even had a gentlemanly conversation during which the politician’s son said he was not interested in Linda.

“I am reporting this to you so that in case something happens to me out of the threats, you will be in the know to tell the world,” Nyambane told Pulse before going ahead to record a police statement on the same.

But even after calling a truce, the couple’s bruised love affair was never to heal.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Nyambane stopped going out for the couple’s Altimate Music Band’s weekly concerts after finding out that the man in the alleged love triangle was being hosted frequently by his wife.

Following the disagreements two projects the band had planned, one of them an overseas tour, were cancelled.

And as fate would have it, Linda eventually moved out of Nyambane’s life and kept a low profile away from prowling paparazzi.

“Yes, I moved out about a year ago and I have been living in Nairobi West. We are no longer together,” Linda, who has also started ministering in church revealed to Pulse this week.

“I love talking and I had no one to talk to,” Linda told Drum Magazine during an interview on the break-up adding that even if the two are no longer man and wife, there is no bad blood between them.

Her mum told her to ensure that Laika still maintains a good relationship with the dad even after the breakup.

Linda further said Nyambane’s life was divided between her and his other family, something that did not work for them.

Without giving details, she said she did some ungodly things but that is now behind her adding that she is ready to love again.


In this months Drum Magazine she admits she lied about them being legally married in 2012 on true love magazine, not even the traditional wedding. After being asked if she had any qualms getting into a relationship with a man who was married, she says she was working and they started flirting and one thing led to the other. Her heart, mind and body were there. Ten years later she gave birth to her now 2 year old daughter.

She says she is fed up of being asked to comment on polygamous relationships and even though she was in polygamous relationship  she does not subscribe to it. She is lonely and says  there is no way you can be able to give your all to two people. Her arrangement with N yambane seemed to work when they got together. They never lived together but when he wasn’t working he would split his time between her and his first wife. Then later she realized that was not she had signed up for.She wanted a man who would come to her in the evenings.

She thought even as number two, she would have all the attention. After she realized the relationship was not working her way she turned to her parents. Her mum advised her to listen to her heart then she approached her with news of her impending breakup. She was advised   to do it in a manner that shell not be enemies with Nyambane and ensure Laika (daughter) has a good relationship with her dad. She says polygamy contributed to her breakup. She loves talking and she had no one to talk to. However, she refuses to comment on the rumors that there’s a “THIRD” woman involved .

The breakup affected other things in her life. Nyambane is no longer her manager and she is loosing on gigs.

She had to seek counselling services after the breakup. She is not  Nyambane’s enemy. But she wants to clear the air, she is not the wife either..when she performs with calabash band she is Linda Muthama and not “bibi ya nyambane”

She would have preferred a situation where Nyambane would have been there always for their daughter, but the fact here is she was in a relationship where the man’s attention was divided between two homes. She is also no longer a co-director at Altimate entertainment with walters first wife as she cut loose those ties.

She has not given up on marriage and is currently searching.  She believes marriage is a beautiful thing. She is looking for someone who will come home to her. A man who will always be there to bug her wit  h his socks. She says not all women are like her, she wants to cook, clean and tell her man ‘i told you not to do that’. She doesn’t understand why someone embraces single hood. She is waiting for her husband. Her own,not married to anyone else.

In short she is opening a new chapter, working on her music , her teaching career, be a good mother to Laika. She has  learnt lessons from her past that have taught her to be a better person, responsible & God fearing. She admits doing ungodly things but says God has never judged her. She knows God, knows Jesus and if that is what it means to be saved, then she is saved. Above all, she is now switching from secular music to gospel music. She credits her strength to God. Having been in a polygamous relationship, she wants to use her situation to better someone else’s life.

Her advise: Do not go into a polygamous relationship because it wont work. She will be preaching the gospel in her music.

Her quote:

‘‘You have to receive anointing to stand in front of people and lead them in worship”. She continues ‘‘i will do it because i have been tested and at the end of it all, have seen that the things i have today are because of God. I have that calling in me to inspire”.




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