CJ Mutunga says Shollei is a liar

Chief Justice Willy

Chief Justice Willy

Barely two hours after Gladys Shollei addressed a press conference on Monday accusing the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for illegally sacking her, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has responded calling her a liar.

In a statement, the CJ who is the JSC Chairman said time has come for the commission to expose the former registrar.

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“The Commission observes that the smear campaign fuelled by misinformation, distortion and outright lies that characterised the two-month disciplinary process against her continues, time has come for the JSC to begin telling truths about the former Chief Registrar of the Judiciary,” Mutunga said in a statement.

Mutunga said the commission will be posting their findings on the Judiciary website tomorrow because Shollei is lying out rightly to the public.

“The fight against corruption is not a public relations exercise; it is a serious undertaking based only on the facts, “ Mutunga said.

In press conference on Monday afternoon, Shollei termed her sacking as unprocedural and pre-meditated, claiming she was never given a chance to defend herself.

Shollei told journalists that the Judicial service commission refused to invite expertise from government institutions to probe her but instead proceeded to carry out their own investigation.

“I personally welcomed the probe in the interest if transparency, I asked for the Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA), Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission (EACC) and Internal Auditor General (IAG) to be engaged in the process as these are the government institutions designated to check financial and procurement management in government but the JSC was not interested,” she said.

Shollei claims that contrary to the Commission’s assertions, insisting that no money at the judiciary as stated by the commission.

She said she is considering several options to challenge her dismissal, with hopes of getting justice.

“I have several options to challenge the decision, and I am confident because the Judiciary is not the Chief Justice and the Chief Justice is not the Judiciary,” she said.




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