CITY GIRL: Behind obese, lazy mother is chubby and fat child

obese, lazy motherMothers of fat children should be ashamed of themselves. Behind every obese child is an equally obese and lazy mother.

So you, a mother, are fat, unsightly and you have completely refused to run, to control your food portions or join the gym. Fine. Nobody cares anymore. It is your life. Plus size is beautiful. You are ‘flaunting your flaws’. You are comfortable in your own (thick) skin and all the other feminist hogwash you feed yourself.

You have embraced your fast failing heart and chock-blocked capillaries and we are waiting for you to drop dead out of all that fried chicken you have stocked on. Any minute now.

But it is unacceptable that you mom, are spreading that nonsense to the next generation. That you are rising the next generation of deluded ‘plus-size’ activists.

It is a pity that mothers who have long lost the battle with weight are dragging along their children down this road to self-destruction while passing on the diabetes baton. They have destroyed their lives, now they want to destroy that of their children. And the success rates are magnanimous.

I walk into a supermarket only to see chubby children resembling a litter of piglets let loose on a trough of snacks. Chunky tots bursting out of their XXL size clothes. Ballooned babies about to explode into a million pieces. Gluttonous broods who live for glutinous foods.

Why are today’s fat mothers raising gluttons? Is it not enough that your child grows up watching you stuff food in your face? Nurturing a culture of gluttony in your child should be a criminal offense.


And where are the children’s activists when you need them? Or do they just show up when the Deputy President is teargasing children? Children activists should push for laws to jail mothers of fat children.

How brainless can a mother be, to not cook for her children, good and healthy food but stuff their mouths with overly cheesed pizzas?

I get angry when I see a fat mother and her fat offspring wandering in the streets looking for the nearest fast-food joint to gorge on some chips and chicken.

Stop lying to your kids that they are beautiful and that “we are born like this in our family”. You are failing your children, big time, by lying to them and allowing them to gorge on food.

They were not born like that and they do not look good. They are not healthy. They are ticking bombs. That fat little boy of yours whose trousers you buy at the adults section and who has to wear two vests to conceal his already sagging man breasts (moobs) is not cute. He is a 13-year old boy, not a middle-aged man, with a mortgage and a potbelly.

Your little 12-year old girl, who already looks like a woman in her twenties, already wearing a B cup bra and sharing your jeans, is not beautiful. Children are not supposed to look like that. Children are not supposed to be fat. A fat child is a disabled child. That disability is the creation of the mother. It is a disability because that fat child cannot do things that normal children do.


That fat child is a culmination of a mother’s negligence and foolhardiness. A fat child is the result of a weak-minded mother who cannot say ‘No’ to a whining child who wants chips for dinner. A fat child is the creation of a lazy mother who would rather not cook and break her nails but order pizza for a child.

No, it is not in the genes. If you, as a mother are a chubby girl, it is because you ate yourself to a cow’s weight. The primary reason for weight gain is food. Don’t tell me about contraceptives. Does it mean that your son is also on contraception?

Do you know how fat kids have it rough in the school yard? You have not seen a real struggle until you watched a fat child try to run at pace with other children or drag their weight in the swimming pool unsuccessfully attempting a backstroke.

So why are you raising a fat baby? Transform your chubby child’s life. Tell them the truth. That the reason why they are fat is because they eat so much and spend the whole day in front of the television playing video games.

Haul that slice of pizza out of their hands. Starve them if you must. Deny them sweet and salty processed foods. For Christ’s sake, stop filling their lunchboxes with sausages and bacon. Stop rewarding your children with buckets of drumsticks and humongous bowls of ice cream. Cook for your children nutritious food. Buy them bicycles to keep them active. Make them run at Jaffrey’s or Karura with you.

Some of these children tail in class not because they are stupid, but because they have silly moms who feed them dead food like chips and burgers. Mothers of fat children just need to get their hands out of their mouths and do their job.




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