Cheeky Githurai ‘CID officer’ steals from female supermarket attendant after luring her into sex

sasaA man reportedly posing as a senior detective from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has been accused of luring a woman into sex then robbing her.

Kennedy Otieno was arrested a few days after allegedly robbing a female supermarket attendant he had raruad mashuka with at a lodge in Githurai.

The suspect allegedly stole Sh24,000 and a mobile phone valued at Sh7,000 from Faith Kinyua, the supermarket attendant, on March 4 in Githurai. Faith told police she had accompanied the accused to the lodging house after closing for the day and spent the night together.

“In the morning of March 5, he sent me to buy medicine at a nearby chemist claiming he was not feeling well. I was worried after I saw him roll on the ground while holding his stomach.”

The court heard that Faith returned minutes later only to find the accused gone. She told police the accused had identified himself as a senior CID officer based in Kahawa West Barracks.

The prosecution said the accused left behind a written note which read: “Faith, nimeenda Aga Khan Hospital, uncle amezidiwa tunakusubiri huko tafadhali” (I have left for Aga Khan Hospital, my uncle is very sick and you can meet us there).

Faith then realised that her handbag containing the cash, mobile phone and other belongings, including her identity documents, were missing.

Otieno however claimed he had never met the complainant, and that he was not a thief. He was set free on a Sh20,000 cash bail.

The case will be heard on June 26.






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