Celtic’s Victor Wanyama likes ladies to cover up and cook, slamms Kenyan women because they keep taking their clothes OFF.


Celtic star Victor Wanyama

STUFFY Celtic star Victor Wanyama has slammed Kenyan women — because they keep taking their clothes OFF.

The Hoops ace, 22, has also offended females in his homeland by calling them liars. And in a bizarre interview he said ladies must win him over with their COOKING.

He told an African paper: “Many of them love to show a lot of flesh because they assume that is what men love.

“But on the contrary, men love decent women. I mean you do not have to expose everything to score it with a man.”

And the £12million-rated midfielder added: “I have also noticed that some of them lie a lot just to make an impression on a man.”

Religious Wanyama — linked with a move away from Parkhead — also revealed a check-list for his perfect woman.

He added: “She must be disciplined, respectful, God-fearing, ambitious and know how to cook.

“I mean the way to a man’s heart is through the tummy!”

He also refused to confirm he’s dating pop star Victoria Kimani. They have been dubbed Africa’s Posh and Becks.



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