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Video Documentary : Soldiers of hope who are Rising Up, Standing Out, and Speaking Up about HIV

Police on the Frontline against HIV and AIDS Sergeant Pauline Wanjiru has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the safety of Kenyans. But when she learned she was HIV-positive,… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘Terror At The Mall’ Westgate Mall Attack Documentary

In This Horror Film, Blood Is All Too Real One year ago, gunmen from the Shabab militant group in Somalia laid siege to the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Armed with… Read more »

[Documentary] Faces of Africa – Jomo Kenyatta : The Founding Father of Kenya

Many institutions bear his name. He upgraded the economic status of the country after independence. But his reign faced dark shadows when three prominent politicians were assassinated. Up to date… Read more »

[VIDEO] Second Liberation: Otieno Mak’onyango Speaks Out

On 17th August 1982, a team of the then dreaded special branch officers led by head of police reservists, the Late Patrick Shaw, pounced on Otieno Mak’onyango and arrested him…. Read more »

Documentary: Farm life of African family in rural Russia is “beyond bad dream”

The Tulikunkikos tell a sad story of their life and broken dreams — how they became Russian farmers and why they cannot return home to Rwanda.

[VIDEO] The Greatest Hostage Rescue in History : Documentary on The Entebbe Uganda Raid

Fallout over raid on Entebbe President Amin blamed those who assisted Israel to raid Entebbe, pointing out neighbouring Kenya, France, West Germany and the US. He was particularly angry with… Read more »


A series of bloody attacks has rocked Kenya since the September 2013 Westgate mall massacre in Nairobi, which left 67 people dead. Curiously, some recent victims in these murders have… Read more »

Dubai’s Night Secrets: Prostitution And Sex Trafficking In Dubai [VIDEO]

Four years ago, I began a photo project on the sex trafficking of young women in Eastern Europe. I interviewed and photographed girls who had escaped. Some had been trafficked… Read more »

Law Behind Kenyan Bars [VIDEO Documentary]

Most people who face criminal charges in Kenya go to court without a lawyer. By the Kenyan judiciary’s own admission, this leads to a great deal of injustice. This programme… Read more »

Open Your Eyes Kenya

Open Your Eyes Kenya is an awareness initiative by Safaricom aimed at empowering over 300,000 Kenyans who are visually impaired. Visit

The inside story: Poachers and butchers by Dennis Onsarigo [VIDEO]

The inside story: Civil servants behind rhino,elephant slaughter by Dennis Onsarigo Related Articles –[VIDEO] Elephant Poachers in Kenya –VIDEO] Kenya Police discover that killed poacher is one of them –Drones… Read more »

[VIDEO]Young Rich:Kenya’s Young Millionaire With Samuel Muthui

After failing his Primary school final exams due to difficulties at home Mr. Samuel Muthui struggled through jobs paying as low as 15 shillings a day to a series of… Read more »

Documenary: The Glue Kids of Kenya [VIDEO]

‘Glue’ is a documentary exploring the roots of widespread solvent dependence amongst Kenyan street-children. Co-directed by Joe Cottrell-Boyce, Graeme Wallace, Martin Gitau and George Kimani. Ross Kemp Meets The Glue… Read more »

[VIDEO] Tales Beyond the Headlines:Kenya Police Documentary on Mungiki

30 Min Documentary production (Mungiki-Beyond the Headlines) to educate the public and support a police campaign to combat a quasi-religious group operating in Central Province that was accused of extortion,… Read more »

[VIDEO] Restoring Hope:Kenya Police Documentary on Sabaot Land Defence Forces

30 Min Documentary production (Restoring Hope) to educate the public and support “Operation Okoa Maisha” a police and military campaign to restoring the rule of law in Mount Elgon District… Read more »