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Zambian online media under attack from the Goverment

Zambia’s First Lady, Dr Christine Kaseba, has added her voice to those slamming local online media. The Zambian Watchdog and the country’s other online media have recently come under heavy… Read more »

Kenyans take to social media on phone switch-off (#LazimaItazimwa)

Kenyans on Wednesday took to social media platforms with hilarious comments on the expected switching off of counterfeit handsets at the end of this week by the Communications Commission of… Read more »

Faceebook Groups Adds Dropbox Integration

Now if you want to share files with friends via Facebook Groups, you can do so via Dropbox. “When the owner of the file makes updates, those updates will also… Read more »

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji talks about her multimillion naira blogging business.(VIDEO)

Did you know? Linda Ikeji‘s blog is a multi-million Naira business. She started off as a career model from about 1998-2006 but stopped because she felt she was too old… Read more »

Kenyan soccer clubs take to ICT

As Kenyan soccer continues to grow, local clubs are embracing information communication technology (ICT) to market themselves, their products, and inform followers. At least five of the 16 Kenyan Premier… Read more »

At home and making money online in kenya

  The need to bring the bacon home and the lack of well-paying, stable jobs, as well as the responsibility of bringing up a young family, are perhaps some of… Read more »

New Site Helps Businesses Turn Their Facebook Pages Into Virtual Storefronts

  Soldsie, a San Francisco startup, officially launched Wednesday night with the promise of helping small businesses sell their products to fans directly through Facebook comments. Retailers post a picture… Read more »

Site Lets You Simulate a Facebook Hack, Goes Viral at PennApps

At the beginning of every school year, most college students receive the same warning email or lecture from campus safety: don’t leave your laptop unattended because someone could steal it…. Read more »

Take the world Best courses,online, for free

Once upon a time, the only way to take a course taught by a professor employed by a great university was to attend a great university. With Coursera, you don’t have… Read more »