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[VIDEO]Mozilla’s Lightbeam tool shows who’s tracking your online movements

Browser firm says its new browser add-on will be ‘a step forward in the fight for greater openness across the internet’ Mozilla has released a free tool called Lightbeam that… Read more »

Rwanda rolls out free wireless in bid for business boom

It’s a scene any visitor would be surprised to see deep in central Africa: a tech-savvy consumer sitting in a restaurant and surfing a broadband connection with a smartphone, tablet… Read more »

European technology firm targets Africa’s web developers

European technology firm, ImpressPages, is targeting the growing number of web developers on the continent with web content management software after securing funding from a venture capital firm. The company… Read more »

Introducing | A Foursquare For Bar Owners & Party Goers In Kenya is Kenya’s first all exclusive night-club listing website which promises to bring all the hot night spots near you right to you on the phone, tablet or on a… Read more »

Promoting Kenya online shopping to drive courier business

SHOPPING can be a bore for most men. It can also be a bore for some women. Like washing machines and other household machinery that makes our work easier; some… Read more »

How Kenyan startup SOKO built an Etsy for entrepreneurs who don’t have Internet

The UpTake: You’d think a nation where only a quarter of the citizens have Web access wouldn’t be a startup hotbed. Wrong. Kenya is becoming known for its innovative and… Read more »

[VIDEO] 200 matatus go digital with free Wi-Fi in Nairobi

Mobile service provider Safaricom has launched a public transport free Wi-Fi initiative together with the Matatu Owners Association in an initiative dubbed “Vuma Online” that will see passengers access free… Read more »

kenyan Woman starts online pharmacy for shy customers

After working for five years in the pharmaceutical industry, Nicoletta Mungai felt most people weren’t getting confidential consultation as they craved and many could not ask for some drugs over… Read more »

[VIDEO] BRCK-Modem to improve African net access; Keeps The Internet On When The Power Goes Off, Even In Africa by Ushahidi

Brck: an Internet Router Designed for Africa Even in the developed world the power goes out, your internet provider goes down and Amazon Web Services occasionally crashes your favorite apps…. Read more »

These Kenyan Women Are Making Waves in Tech’s Emerging Markets

A recent Startup Village event in Moscow organized by the Skolkovo Foundation celebrated and showcased Russian innovation, positioning Moscow as an emerging tech hub. The event rolled into Moscow after… Read more »

Matatu plying Rungai route installs wi-fi to attract commuters [VIDEO]

Matatu plying Rungai route installs wi-fi to attract commuters, Long hours in traffic inspire new innovations for commuters

Kenyan accommodation guide website, gets $200,000 foreign funding

A Kenyan accommodation guide website, SleepOut, has received a cash injection from a Dutch venture capital firm, marking the second time in less than a year that the co-founder, Mikhul… Read more »

Kenyan IT expert’s dream comes true

After completing his degree in information technology at the University of Wisconsin, US, David Mugo began toying with the idea of starting an IT firm. “I have always wanted to… Read more »

Kenya’s Most Controversial Bloggers

To start off we wont want to gloat here at the ICTVille but “Ndonge” do we say we are the best bloggers in kenya hands down…… They are tech savvy,… Read more »

Cloud computing firms scramble for EA market

Competition for East Africa’s cloud computing market is set to intensify with the recent entry of One Solution Uganda into the arena. The information technology firm targeting small and medium… Read more »