Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji blog removed by Google

Popular news and entertainment blog, Linda Ikeji, was taken down Wednesday by tech firm, Google, after a row allegedly over the originality of the blog’s contents. Linda Ikeji blog, published… Read more »

How How hackers Are Stealing Millions From ATM Worldwide With New Malware

A criminal gang is using a piece of malware to allow it to steal millions in cash from ATMs around the world without having to use a credit or debit… Read more »

Now you can exchange airtime for cash, thanks to new app

One night in 2012, Samuel Njuguna, then a fourth year Computer Science student at the University of Nairobi, was busy making final touches to a class project. Without a warning,… Read more »

Watch out M-Pesa, Equity Bank wants to transform mobile money in Kenya

An innovative sim card is challenging M-Pesa’s mobile banking monopoly. But will the competition increase financial inclusion? Kenya is a regional leader in access and use of financial services, with… Read more »

Abu Dhabi based Yahsat Offers Satellite Broadband Internet Service “Yahclick” in Kenya

YahClick offers free modem, free YahClick dish and reduced installation charges via Skynet and SimbaNET for 2 Months in Kenya Al Yah Satellite Communications Company, Yahsat , the Abu Dhabi… Read more »

Consensual Sex APP Good2Go : New app allows users to give ‘consent’ prior to sex

The hot new ‘consent’ app, Good2Go, is logs the name and phone number of everyone you have sex with Last June, Reason’s Robby Soave called for an iPhone app that… Read more »

Equity Bank Buys ‘’ Domain for KSh300,000

Finserve Africa Ltd, which apparently owns Equity Bank Limited in Kenya, bought for $3,288., a website that tracks the sale of domain names, reports that the bank through its… Read more »

UK technology company launches security and data storage solutions in Kenya

The Kenyan IT market has a new entrant, Emerdis which is a UK technology distribution company that is planning to venture into the Kenyan market by introducing IT Security, Connectivity… Read more »

French phone maker Wiko has announced plans to enter the Kenyan market

French phone maker Wiko has announced plans to enter the Kenyan market as it seeks to establish a footing in Africa. The company will tomorrow unveil its first smartphone in… Read more »

33-year-old kenyan techie eyes NSE listing for Sh100m company

Losing data on a major project is a nightmare that has disrupted the plans of many people and even cost some their jobs. When it happened to George Njoroge, however,… Read more »

Segeni Ng’ethe: Man behind e-mbuzi concept

13 years ago, Segeni Ng’ethe used a simple idea to start a business. Today he is making money out of bringing the Diaspora ‘closer’ home When Segeni Ng’ethe started MamaMike’s,… Read more »

Fraudsters find easy cash in Kenya’s mobile banking : report

Kenyans who have subscribed to mobile banking services run the risk of exposing their money to fraudsters, according to a new report. The Kenya Cyber Security Report, 2014 says most local banks… Read more »

How To Make Sure You Never Forget Your Passwords Again

Remembering multiple passwords is hard, and keeping your passwords too simple leaves your information vulnerable to hacking. A password manager, which create and store passwords for your accounts, will help… Read more »

FBI seeks Kenya’s help to arrest bank fraud suspects in Nairobi

Preliminary investigations have indicated that three of the suspects live in the Doonholm, Parklands and Hurlingham areas of Nairobi. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has asked Kenya to help… Read more »

Anonymous group warns of more Kenya cyber attacks

The ongoing cyber-attacks on web and social sites operated by the government, the military and top leaders is part of an effort to expose corruption in Kenya, a ‘hacktivist’ group… Read more »