REPORT: Russia hacked the White House

How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House Russian-hired hackers breached an unclassified White House system and pilfered information about President Barack Obama’s daily schedule and communications Russian hackers… Read more »

Girl who turned down job offers at Facebook and Google in favour of homeland cybersecurity in Kenya

Lendsey Achudi has always dreamt of a career in technology or cybersecurity fields, and has been involved in organising international forums where issues of technology and entrepreneurship are discussed. About… Read more »

New Kenya Tourism Directory to list all tourism products

An online platform listing all credible tourism products in Kenya has been launched. Dubbed Tourism Product Directory, the platform will be hosted on the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) website: Magical… Read more »

Schneider Electric releases the first survey on counterfeit electrical products in Africa

Counterfeiting of most common electrical products is widely spread in all African countries, representing 40% to 80% of their markets Schneider Electric, the world specialist in energy management, releases the… Read more »

Your tender deal may be only a click away

Julius Munene and David Kimari are the great minds behind Tender Soko Company, an online publisher that makes it easier for clients to access tenders.  Being Information Technology graduates from… Read more »

Kenyan IT firm Techno Brain spends Sh683m on British patents

A Kenyan IT firm, Techno Brain Ltd, has acquired the intellectual property (IP) rights of a customs and tax software from a British company at a cost of Sh683 million,… Read more »

Uhuru directs State firms to place all their adverts on digital outlets

President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed government institutions to shift from advertising using the traditional media to digital platforms. This is likely to hurt the revenues of local news outlets. The… Read more »

Samsung unveils beautiful new Galaxy S6

Samsung set out to build a better looking line of Galaxy phones this year, and it definitely achieved its goal. The South Korean electronics company unveiled the Galaxy S6 and… Read more »

Housing agents may soon be obsolete if online property searches take off locally

Technology enthusiasts have predicted doom for agents in various towns who earn from Kenyans searching for property. They argue that in a few years to come, technological advancement will make… Read more »

Parenting tech keeps tabs on children

American parents may not have the resources of the National Security Agency, but it’s not that hard for them to snoop on their smartphone-addicted kids. A booming array of gadgets… Read more »

Kenyan IT start-up plots global takeover in San Francisco Silicon valley

As the country tries to overcome teething problems of constructing its own Silicon Valley, a little known startup, Card Planet is living the dream. The IT startup was in November… Read more »

The highest-paying jobs at Google [RANKED]

Google loves its engineers. So it’s not much of a surprise that many different types of engineering jobs are among Google’s highest paying positions. But there are a bunch of other… Read more »

After selling company for $500k, Kenyan Joel Mwale now wants to change the way we learn

Five years after dropping out of high school, Joel Mwale, 21, has already sold a company for over US$500,000, travelled the world, and rubbed shoulders with several presidents. Like many… Read more »

Hackers for hire – website lets you PAY someone to break into your partner’s social media account

Whether you want to access your spouse’s Facebook account, wipe away some bad records or improve your online gaming score – there’s a hacker that’ll do it for you. This… Read more »

New online shop takes Kenya handicraft to the global market

Online marketing has gathered pace in Kenya in the past few years with websites such as Rupu and Jumia showcasing a wide variety of products. But websites specifically marketing and… Read more »