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Online War Erupts In Kenya After Peaceful Vote

Tribal lines are being drawn over who won Kenya’s presidential election. But unlike the bloody violence that scarred the country five years ago, this time the only fighting is online…. Read more »

Crowdsourced Phone Directory App Truecaller reveals all caller IDs

Having been one of the students that joined campus after incidences of kidnappings and mysterious murders, my first concern was, naturally, safety. If I’m being really honest, it was probably… Read more »

Kenya now a premier centre of global tech-innovation

Mr Haiyun Tang does not have the demeanour of a man about to venture into the unknown. However, he is doing just that with his business. He is calm as… Read more »

Safaricom gets vendor to run higher capacity M-Pesa platform in Kenya

Mobile phone services company, Safaricom, is finalising on the details of a contract to replace its current mobile money transfer platform in a move that is expected to reduce system… Read more »

Safaricom targets online shoppers with SA firm deal

Safaricom has taken its mobile money platform M-Pesa online in a deal that allows its 16 million users to pay for goods and services on the Internet. The telco has… Read more »

Kenyan Social media haters put on notice

Bloggers and social media users who publish hate speech will be arrested and prosecuted in the next two weeks. Stakeholders such as the Communications Commission of Kenya had made it… Read more »

Kenya Mobile telephone operators face fines for mobile phone crimes

Mobile telephone operators face more penalties in the New Year arising from the use of more than six million unregistered lines, some of which have been used for criminal activities…. Read more »

First African-designed smartphone and tablet hit market

When 26-year-old Congolese entrepreneur Verone Mankou followed up the introduction of the first African-designed tablet with the announcement of the first African-designed smartphone, some within the local tech community looked… Read more »

Google Introduces a New Mobile Ad to Combat Fat Fingers

The “fat finger effect” — the theory that people accidentally click on mobile ads because cellphone screens are so small — is one reason mobile ads generally earn less money… Read more »

Safaricom stole our idea to roll out M-Shwari, Faulu Kenya says.

A financial institution has moved to court to stop Safaricom from operating a recently launched saving and lending service, saying the mobile service provider copied its idea. Faulu Kenya, a… Read more »

Africa chokes telecoms growth by hoarding spectrum

African governments are stifling telecoms development by failing to sell more bandwidth to mobile phone operators, a mistake that could undermine growth in the world’s poorest continent. After an explosion… Read more »

African apps take on mobile gaming industry

Move over Japan. Move over Silicon Valley. Africans are making a bid to turn the continent into the new home of mobile gaming. With more than 700 million mobile broadband… Read more »

Google muscles in on Siri with voice-enabled iOS Search app

Siri is finally getting some big-time competition on iOS devices. Google’s updated search apphas finally made it through the App Store review process and is now ready to deliver Siri-like voice queries… Read more »

Digital revolution lights up Africa with maps, mobiles, money and markets

In Africa, necessity is the mother of invention and social media sites are not just for sharing photographs and gossip As a teenager Noé Diakubama made a sketch map of… Read more »

Kenyans frustrated as M-Pesa fails

Some business people boarded buses confident that by the time they reached town, their friends or relatives would have sent them money through M-Pesa for the day’s stock. Others committed… Read more »