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Beware Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers

The U.S. Secret Service is advising the hospitality industry to inspect computers made available to guests in hotel business centers, warning that crooks have been compromising hotel business center PCs with keystroke-logging malware in a bid… Read more »

3 official Government websites and KDF Twitter Accounts Hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous hacktivist managed to deface some government websites of Kenya as well Integrated Financial Management Information System of Kenya ““, Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons of Kenya “” and Reforms Kenya… Read more »

New Tough law on cybercrime targets Kenyans allover the world

Courts in the country will soon have jurisdiction to try any Kenyan citizen who commits an offence anywhere in the world if the Cybercrime and Computer Crimes Bill, 2014 becomes… Read more »

Ethical hackers can help firms curb attacks

As more business shifts online, hackers have plenty of targets to aim at. The effects of a hacking attack can be devastating for a company’s reputation and its bottom line…. Read more »

Agency targets cybercrime in local hosting plans

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) will come up with a licensing condition that could compel Internet service providers (ISPs) to shift websites hosted abroad back to the country in… Read more »

Websites Fixing Heartbleed Bug, VPNs Still Vulnerable

Sucuri researchers report that just 2 percent of the top 1 million websites remain infected but Mandiant tracks a scary new attack vector–VPN user sessions. After the initial panic over the Heartbleed bug,… Read more »

Internet users told to change ALL passwords in security alert over ‘catastrophic’ Heartbleed bug

Internet users have been warned to change all their computer and phone passwords following what could be a ‘catastrophic’ security breach. Major technology firms have urged the public to immediately… Read more »

The Heartbleed Bug: Critical OpenSSL bug puts encrypted communications at risk

Computer security experts are advising administrators to patch a severe flaw in a software library used by millions of websites to encrypt sensitive communications. The flaw, nicknamed “Heartbleed,” is contained… Read more »

Kenya Transport Ministry Website Hacked

UPDATE:The website is now back up and running The Ministry of Transport website was hacked on Wednesday, raising concerns over the security of government websites. Visitors to the site… Read more »

Purdue graduate hacks into university computers and changes his grades to straight As

What one Purdue University graduate thought was an easy A turned out to be a major failure. Roy Sun, 25, was sentenced on Feb. 27 to a four-year prison term… Read more »

University of Maryland computer security attack exposes 300,000 records

More than 300,000 personal records for faculty, staff and students who have received identification cards at the University of Maryland were compromised in a computer security breach this week, school… Read more »

[VIDEO]Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center combines tactics against hacking groups

The maker of the most popular computer operating system in the world is launching a new strategy against criminal hacn Thursday, is the latest attempt to close the gap created… Read more »

Made-in-China kitchen appliances found to contain hidden Wi-Fi circuitry that installs malware on your home network

Russian report says Chinese appliances hide Wifi slurping spam-spreaders Russian authorities have claimed that household appliances imported from China contain tiny computers that seek out open WiFi networks and then… Read more »

Limo Firm Hacked; Politician, Celeb Data Breached

A hacker break in at a U.S. company that brokers reservations for limousine and Town Car services nationwide has exposed the personal and financial information on more than 850,000 well-heeled… Read more »

IBM opens its first Africa research lab in Nairobi

US tech giant IBM will tomorrow open its first research laboratory in Africa in Nairobi, highlighting Kenya’s growing status as the continent’s tech hub. The facility will be tasked with… Read more »