Author David G. Maillu to Prof. Evan Mwangi: What’s changed you’ve now turned against us?

Author David G. Maillu accuses Northwestern University Proffesor Evan Mwangi of changing his views on Ngugi wa Thiong’o and the plight of Kenyans. Dear Prof Evan Mwangi, The little story… Read more »

There’s no better time to be in Kenya than now’ – analysts look beyond market losses, bullish on east African economy

Kenya’s domestic bonds lost more money for dollar investors than any other emerging-market debt last quarter. Yet for Morgan Stanley, now is the moment to put cash into the east… Read more »

There is no greater love than this!

Johnson Mwiti could not help but notice the lovely young woman who would cheerfully serve him whenever he went to fuel his employer’s car. “I became a regular customer, just… Read more »

Kibra Mp proposes legalisation of Bhang in Kenya for export to US [VIDEO]

Why Kenya won’t budge and legalise bhang soon, but has idea come of age? Should Kenya legalise growing, transportation, sale and possession or use of bhang? This million-dollar question has… Read more »

Should dads be in the delivery room

It’s debated whether a dad’s involvement through the early months of his unborn child’s development and on the day of the baby’s birth, enhances his relationship with his child. To… Read more »

Today a sheep will die in Dagoretti because a branch fell off this fig tree

The cutting of a branch of a fig tree has caused anxiety among a section of the community here for the past two weeks, and today they hope to find… Read more »

The elephant in the (bed)room : The silent abuse of Kenyan men, and how the society abets it

On June 4 this year, Daniel King’ori left his Kiamariki village home in Nyeri and headed for the local market. Nothing wrong with that. While there he met a few… Read more »

The Nyeri factor

What would cause a person who is wired to nurture by nature turn against her spouse with such vehemence? We talk to various experts to try and demystify a scenario… Read more »

Outnumbered outgunned, and outwitted: How KDF took charge of Kismayu town

Welcome change from the barracks, with KDF’s book on its war in Somalia In the weeks after October 14, 2012, the press was awash with stories about the Kenya Defence… Read more »

Young people are building Dandora’s clean, green future

I met Robinson Esialimba, a Kenyan with a big heart, in Morocco and we immediately hit it off. We compared everything we saw in Rabat and Casablanca to what was… Read more »

Buy land if you can; and don’t let that title slip from your hands

Buy land, if you can. And don’t sell it, unless it is really necessary. This is advice that someone should tell or sell Kenyans, urgently. Forget all the so-called techies… Read more »

In Northern Kenya, age old traditions combat climate change and help minimize conflict

Do old traditions hold the key to survival? When it comes to natural resource management, the Borana in Northern Kenya employ an age-old system that has seen them survive drought… Read more »

The Cry of a Diaspora Kenyan woman who travels 60,000 miles a year seeking justice in Kenya

The Cry of a Diaspora Kenyan who travels 60,000 miles a year seeking justice “My name is Gilphine Muchinyi. The journey of my life begun in 1996. This was the… Read more »

Family of Mau Mau fighter seeks to recover 43-acre land

Not many Mau Mau veterans thought of pursuing land they lost during Kenya’s state of emergency when the colonial government forcibly confiscated their properties. However, as Kenyans celebrates 52 years… Read more »

A Lonely Life for Immigrants in America’s Rust Belt

When they were deciding where to settle down and raise a family, Lorena Mora-Mowry, a lawyer from Venezuela, and her husband Paul, a mechanical engineer from California, performed extensive research…. Read more »