Why African men will always want more than one woman

Sorry ladies, African men are wired for polygamy Men are instinctively polygamous and cannot be satisfied by one woman due to their deep-rooted appetite for variety. They are intended to… Read more »

Reporters, witnesses silenced ‘one by one’ with ICC link deadly in Kenya

People connected to the international court proceedings against Kenyan leaders are turning up dead On the evening of April 30, John Kituyi, a veteran journalist and father of seven, stepped… Read more »

Young, restless and broke life in the eyes of Kenya’s youth

Faced with many uncertainties, 20-somethings are at constant odds with themselves. Being in your 20s is a lot like hanging off the edge of a cliff. There, you can’t afford… Read more »

Trafficked young Kenyan girls falling prey to US sex manics

A story recently published in The Nairobian about a Kenyan woman who is enslaved in America, is disturbingly real and a wake-up call to our youth who would give anything… Read more »

No matter how far you urinate, the last drop always falls at your feet

Among the Ibos of Nigeria there is a saying from some wise cola nut eaters, I just don’t know how they manage to chew that bitter thing- Well our sugar… Read more »

Born City: Vijana must stop ‘uta do what’ kind of swag

I have a serious problem with the young generation, especially those who have no idea what personal hygiene is. It’s not the first time I am talking about this. I’m… Read more »

The Common room: Why only ‘diaspora Kikuyus’ can kill Kenya’s tribalism

The saying that ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans,’ attributed to St Thomas, implies respecting the beliefs, cultures and practices of local people. Culture includes material culture and immaterial… Read more »

Jadudi fundraiser gets Sh6 million for brain tumor treatment in 48 hours [VIDEO]

Emmanuel Jadudi has received Sh6.1 million for a brain tumor surgery in India through a fundraiser that exceeded the Sh1 million target. The third-year UoN sociology student had appealed for… Read more »

That Thing In Jadudi’s Head

You are 22-years old in your third year in campus, studying political science and sociology. You start getting these headaches but you dismiss them. You pop a Panadol Extra. Headache… Read more »

Wedding Committees: a quick way to lose friends

Has someone famous and respected ever said hi to you and you felt like you were walking on the moon? Or they shook your hand and you didn’t wash that… Read more »

Time to rethink Kenya’s Operation Linda Nchi policy

Nairobi’s foreign policy toward Somalia has been consistently focused on and committed to stabilize Somalia since Kenya Defense Forces led invasion in 2011.Kenya has poured billions of shillings and thousands… Read more »

Lake Magadi slowly choking : Silt and deposits of debris from upstream are the major culprits.

A giant dust devil greets us as we make our way to the northern cove of Lake Magadi. The surface on which it is swirling should be a greyish white… Read more »

The man who shaped the lives of some of Kenya’s bigwigs

The hallways of Moi University have for the last 31 years seen thousands of students join as starry-eyed freshers and graduate after going through the academic rigours. The Eldoret-based university… Read more »

NYERI MATYRS:They met a slow, agonising death at the hands of Mau Mau fighters

True believers  or traitors? Although she’s 75, Teresa Wangui vividly recalls the events of March 16, 1954. It was the day her mother, Fakunda Nyandia, was brutally killed by Mau… Read more »

How to improve Kenya security forces

Only by retraining, employing qualified people, can we improve security forces Having served as an officer for over 17 years, I can claim to have a idea of what policing… Read more »