Who recruited former Kenya air hostess jailed over drugs?

Priscilla Jemutai, a former Kenya Airways Cabin staff,  was recently released after serving 13 of her 18-year jail term. She had been caught carrying  heoin worth Sh28m in 2002, but… Read more »

Malls: the double-edged features of development

  If you take a drive along Thika Road, you almost runs out of fingers to count the number of malls that line the route.  First there is  Mountain Mall,… Read more »

By now we should have created an ugali machine

Creating employment is perhaps the foremost agenda of any political system, particularly in developing countries like Kenya. Wananchi expect that the entire leadership of the country understands how employment is… Read more »

Where to put your money in Kenya

Real estate has been hailed for a number of reasons for being an ideal investment option. Real estate investment has also come of age in its demographic. It is no… Read more »

Kenyan Girl’s quest for justice:Trafficked, defiled and abandoned

Girl’s quest for justice brings to focus the slow, invasive litigation steps trafficking victims face A thirteen-year-old girl sits in a Thika courtroom wearing a blue floral-patterned frock. The fabric… Read more »

The overlooked boozers of Nairobi

I met this guy at a party. He looked about 45 years old. If driving a V8 is success, then he was successful. I found myself walking with him to… Read more »

Tap into the robust Kenyan diaspora to save the shilling

There is really no denying it: We have a full-blown currency crisis on our hands. The shilling is headed for its historical low of 107 per dollar and will likely… Read more »

Land Share certificates a legal dilemma for Kenya land owners

According to the law of the land, a share certficate is not the same as an individual title deed registering one as the land owner In 2008, Jacqueline Wangu Kariuki,… Read more »

Immature man: The true meaning of ‘kihii’

1982 is a significant year in Kenya’s history, owing to the political unrest leading to and following the attempted coup d’etat in August that year. It also marks, according to… Read more »

The Return of ‘Matigari’, the Story of Two Kenyattas and Ngugi’s New Role

There is nothing fishy about the coincidences, but the first time I met Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, we both had rock shrimp for lunch. The setting was California, in December… Read more »

Kenya: Title deed taking too long to come? You may have been conned!

Deliberate delays in the processing of title deeds and well planned looting of property by greedy officials are to blame for the chaos rocking land buying companies, interviews with industry… Read more »

Why drug, alcohol abuse and risky sexual behaviour has become a norm among Kenyan youth

A group of teens assemble outside a popular Nairobi uptown mall looking all excited. They are about fifteen in number; boys and girls who are on their second-last holiday weekend… Read more »

THE UNTOLD STORY: Made in Brazil, packed in Kenya: How tariff windows feed Kenya’s sugar cartels

Has Uganda been re-exporting into Kenya the sugar it imports duty-free from Brazil? Do the Ugandans really have a sugar surplus as they claim? These two questions are at the… Read more »

Don’t carry Royco to the US, and leave humour back home

If you’re ever travelling abroad, please pack clean underwear. Know-it-alls will tell you to never lose sight of your passport or to keep your return tickets nearby, but this is… Read more »

Past betrayals stand in the way of Jubilee foray into Ukambani

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua’s efforts to wrest the Kamba kingpin’s title from former Vice – President Kalonzo Muyoka and deliver the region to Jubilee Coalition in the next elections… Read more »