Kenya: Non-terrorist crime drops as terror incidents rise

In the midst of horrific terrorist attacks, Kenyans had an unexpected gain − a drop in incidents of crime. Are the two issues just coincidental, or are activities to combat… Read more »

How KDF’s Somalia incursion changed Kenya

Almost four years after Kenya launched an offensive against Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Nation Newsplex has looked at how the action changed Kenya. The analysis found that there was a steep… Read more »

#MashujaaDay :How colonial jailers blocked attempts on Kenyatta’s life

Ngei, Kubai ‘tormented Kenyatta in jail’ While serving a jail term in Kapenguria after the colonial government accused him of supporting and leading Mau Mau freedom fighters, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta… Read more »

Kenya Biggest security budget increase goes to IG’s office

The biggest budget increases in the Department of the Interior went to training, criminal investigation and rebalancing of top leadership offices, a review of budget data shows. A Nation Newsplex… Read more »

Good old days when men kidnapped woman of their choice and turned them into wives

It must be rough being a young man or woman these days. This is not a lament for the mythical good old days, the halcyon days when everything supposedly worked… Read more »

UK tourists more sensitive to travel warnings than Americans

Despite the United Kingdom issuing fewer travel advisories than the US in the last five years, visits to Kenya by British tourists have fallen faster than visits from Americans, an… Read more »

How al-Shabaab gave Kenyan businesses a boost

In recent years, two contradictory narratives have emerged about Kenya. There is one that sees the east African country as a land of immense progress and promise. It is, some… Read more »

Martha Karua: Am firmly in the 2017 presidential race.

Another chapter in Kenya’s upcoming landmark presidential vote has unfolded after former justice, national cohesion and constitutional Affairs Minister Ms. Martha Karua declared her commitment to run against incumbent President… Read more »

Politics aside, jailing Ruto at The Hague would be a disaster for the Rift Valley

Kenyans tend to be divided about most things but their differences are displayed especially starkly every time the pollsters ask about the International Criminal Court. In July 2013, Ipsos, which… Read more »

Kuria agrees to be DP’s witness in Hague case

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has agreed to be a defence witness in the case against Deputy President William Ruto at the ICC. This follows a request by Mr Ruto’s… Read more »

Women should share men to save their marriages

Isn’t it funny that for all its proclaimed merits, monogamy has totally failed marriage? Wherever you look, marriages are falling apart and divorce is now an existential probability anywhere you… Read more »

Woman with a PhD: Curse or blessing?

Is this PhD a curse or a blessing? In the four years I have been studying for my PhD, I have been amazed at the expressions of respect and vigorous… Read more »

NJOKI CHEGE : Fat women, let’s tackle this elephant in the room

The last time I wrote about fat women, I got into national trouble. Forgive me but I have to write about these women again. It is time I tackled the… Read more »

The day Kenyatta caught his trusted minister drinking

The meeting with Jomo Kenyatta was to be held in the morning at State House, Nakuru. James Gichuru, then Defence minister, had accompanied his Permanent Secretary Jeremiah Kiereini and Deputy… Read more »

Between a rock and a hard place, Kenyan family unit faces collapse

Fathers are usually missing the family dinner with only 9.2 per cent of urban families ever You are aged 40, married, father of two children and staying in Mlolongo. Every… Read more »