Why #OdingaDynastyMovement (ODM) can never win the presidency

I loved ODM. With the entire fiber of my being. I was a fanatic of this movement. I believed in the agenda of this party and I was willing to… Read more »

Summer Bunnies : Nyumbani Kwa Mama

The tragedy of life is that we are all dating/married to a summer bunny’s Ex. Worse, we might even be dating/married to an ex-summer bunny. At work we sit across… Read more »

Fed to the dragon: The other, dark side of Kenyan exodus to China

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Corruption in the Silicon Savannah

The power of technology has been touted as Africa’s saving grace — our magic bean that will grow into a beanstalk to elevate us past all the stages of development we may… Read more »

Kenyans Al Shabaab defectors tell their stories

At least 700 Kenyans, who had gone to Somalia to join al Shabaab, have quietly returned home after quitting the militant group. In this special report, our writers CALVIN ONSARIGO… Read more »

Coffee’s share of exports falls five-fold over 30 years

A farmer in Kenya is likely to receive only a fifth of the sale price at auction if he sells his coffee through a cooperative, Nation Newsplex has found. The… Read more »

Business lessons on devolution, banking disruption and unoccupied city houses

I spent the better part of last week down in Mombasa and arrived at three conclusions: firstly, devolution works. Secondly, banking, as we know it in Kenya, will have to… Read more »

Odoyo Owidi : Uhuru’s Re-Election In 2017 Is Inevitable

Presidential elections in Kenya are never decided on issues, nor are they decided on who is most suitable. They are not won by he or she who pulls the largest… Read more »

The politics of identity cards in Kenya, and how registration law promotes sour ethnic divisions

There is a bitter explanation for every crease on the forehead of 24-year-old Martin Omondi, whom we have found queueing to register for an identity card in Kibera. For the… Read more »

Engaged Kenyans are questioning, verifying and regulating social media

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Will Dr Magufuli live up to his image now that he is president?

Dr John Pombe Magufuli was sworn in on Thursday as Tanzania’s fifth amidst applause from his supporters and withf a number of African leaders in attendance. But many regional policy and… Read more »

An Anticorruption Plea in Kenya: ‘Please, Just Steal a Little’

When it comes to honesty, politicians here don’t usually win many awards. But even for Kenyans, who have witnessed countless corruption scandals over the years, the graft coming to light… Read more »

Small kitchens, tiny toilets? Maybe it is time women started designing buildings

Imagine a situation where our shared built environment — homes, hospitals, theatres, schools, workplaces and public spaces — involved more women in their design. Have you ever wondered to what… Read more »

WAGA: Stop ill-bred flow of bile and award UhuRuto a second (and third) term!

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Beneath the boom, a shaky foundation for Kenya’s nascent real estate sector

Everyone who has the smallest interest in investments and an attraction towards Kenya agrees that the country, the largest economy in East Africa, has potential to further capitalise on regional… Read more »