Improving renting conditions is a good way of solving Kenya housing crisis

Housing is a service, not a product. For too long, housing has favoured landlords rather than tenants. There is a cluster of high-end housing along Thika Road that has remained… Read more »

Martha Karua: Am firmly in the 2017 presidential race.

Another chapter in Kenya’s upcoming landmark presidential vote has unfolded after former justice, national cohesion and constitutional Affairs Minister Ms. Martha Karua declared her commitment to run against incumbent President… Read more »

Willy Mutunga: All Is Well Until You Fight Graft

What do you do when you are not working as CJ? The position of the CJ is a 24/7 assignment involving judicial, administrative, ceremonial, and public engagements. I have enormous… Read more »

President Uhuru and Ruto’s nostalgic return to Afraha Stadium in Nakuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy return to Afraha Stadium in Nakuru tomorrow- the same place where they unveiled Jubilee Alliance four years ago. An alliance that would propel them… Read more »

Freehold and leasehold titles are valid documents issued by State

Early this year, the public was treated to hilarious moments when President Uhuru Kenyatta gave out leasehold titles to squatters on the now famous “Waitiki Land”. Many did not seem… Read more »

Knowing market trend key to making best investment

With little understanding  the dynamics of the property cycle, many investors tend to  become overconfident. Over the years, real estate has come to be been considered one of the safest… Read more »

Kenya risks going into 2017 General Election without resolving key issues

One thousand, one hundred and thirty-three people killed, mostly stabbed and slashed with machetes, decapitated, pummelled with blunt objects, or shot with arrows. Another 650,000 run out of their homes… Read more »

DAVID NDII : Kenya is a cruel marriage, it’s time we talk divorce

A decade ago, Prof Bethuel Ogot, one of the country’s towering intellectuals, pronounced the “Kenya project” dead. Kenya has never been a more distant idea than it is now at… Read more »

Corruption: Eating Kenya away inch by inch

Pray for Kenya, if this doesn’t speak of a hopeless society, what does? The Biblical story about the fall of man mentions a curse where God tells man that the… Read more »

Why Uhuru Deserves 2nd Term As President

No president in history has been able to complete 100 per cent of all his or her pre-election or manifesto pledges. Some need even more than the prescribed two terms… Read more »

CITY GIRL: Behind obese, lazy mother is chubby and fat child

Mothers of fat children should be ashamed of themselves. Behind every obese child is an equally obese and lazy mother. So you, a mother, are fat, unsightly and you have… Read more »

Why Luo women can be a pain in the neck

It goes without saying that the discourse on why Luo men deliberately shy away from marrying women from their community is a sensitive one. It has been a topic of… Read more »

Royal Families Rise To Topple ‘Peasant’ Ruto

There is so much happening in the Rift Valley lately. Some politicians are trying to quell the turmoil, while others are tearing at each other like a pack of starving… Read more »

In The Cottage With: Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga – on death, regrets & women

Question: How does one plan to meet up and chat with the former Prime Minister of Kenya in a casual setting? Answer: You don’t. You don’t plan. Sometimes, things just… Read more »

Museveni got more votes than love in Uganda’s election

Ugandans voted on Thursday, Feb. 18, but the presumed outcome, in which President Yoweri Museveni will extend his 30-year rule for yet another five-year term, may not completely reflect the… Read more »