5 things you need to know when looking for a job abroad

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Kenya’s Gold Medal for Corruption

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How to start a business incubator in Kenya’s frontier market

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President Uhuru Kenyatta to open Sh103bn fertiliser plant in Eldoret

All is set for President Uhuru Kenyatta to preside over the commissioning of a multibillion-shilling fertiliser factory in Eldoret this week. The President will open Toyota Tsusho fertiliser factory as… Read more »

Blood, Money, and Prison II

In the second and final installment, a kidnapping at a prominent wedding in Karen, a gun in court and why Kenya isn’t helping her citizens in Juba. Marula Manor is… Read more »

Blood, Money and Prison

In May last year, four Kenyans found themselves in the middle of the most important corruption case in South Sudan’s history. Then they were all sentenced to life in prison…. Read more »

How to succeed as a contractor

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Riverwood distributor who rebounded after sackings

Riverwood used to churn out between 10 to 30 movies a month in downtown Nairobi. Those figures have since dwindled as consumer consumption methods have changed. Now they do a… Read more »

Senator Ben Paul Njoroge: A hustler who always speaks his mind

Naivasha is aflame with the exploits of one of its most controversial sons. Senator Ben Paul Njoroge’s pronouncement that Central region will not automatically back Deputy President William Ruto come… Read more »

American entrepreneur shares lessons learned from running a business in Kenya

American entrepreneur Audrey Cheng came to Kenya in 2014 to work for Savannah Fund, a seed-capital investor that focuses on early-stage technology startups in sub-Saharan Africa. While interacting with Kenyan startups, Cheng… Read more »

Luis Moreno-Ocampo : The Prosecutor and the President

The International Criminal Court embodied the hope of bringing warlords and demagogues to justice. Then Luis Moreno-Ocampo took on the heir to Kenya’s most powerful political dynasty. Nakuru is a lakeside city… Read more »

Women who drink silly, black out are a big letdown

I am a devout teetotaler. I have never tasted alcohol in my young life, mostly due to my strict Presbyterian upbringing in which there was never a mention of alcohol… Read more »

Luo Nation, for how long will we sacrifice our sons?

If there is a region that has paid the ultimate price for politics in post-independence Kenya with the lives of its people, it’s arguably Luo nation. There is not a… Read more »

Why Kalonzo cannot work with Uhuru

THIS announcement was not entirely unexpected. Jubilee and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s forays into Ukambani have forced Kalonzo Musyoka to declare total political war on the ruling coalition. For starters, this… Read more »

Raila may never seduce Kenya

Chapter two of the continuing saga of Raila Odinga and Kenya’s love story brings us to a heated scene, culminating with the Suitor gasping, and choking from police-induced tears Unlike… Read more »