Catfight: Rapper Noti Flow gets socialite Pendo arrested over alleged assault [VIDEO]

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Rape, low wages: It’s a dog’s life for Nairobi barmaids

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Beyonce And Jay Z Have Made £150 Million From Cheating Rumours

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Kenya : From househelps to celebrated songbirds

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Kenya Luxury holiday home getaways

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Watch Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue at Oscars 2016 [VIDEO]

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Bongo flava is back with a bang after two years of Naija dominance

A month after he released his latest video Utanipenda, Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz is attracting a huge debate as to whether he is predicting his end. The emotional song sounds like… Read more »

DJ Pinye announces retirement at 45th birthday

Legendary Kenyan DJ Pinye made a big announcement during his 45th birthday party at Carnivore’s Simba Saloon. The spin master has retired from the music industry and will now be… Read more »

Single lady in Nairobi: Have you met the Muthaiga Map Guy?

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How obesity is ruining couple’s sex life in Kenya

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“Kijana, you are here busy sleeping as if your mother dances for the local tycoon.”- Memorable mistaris from Kenyan teachers

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Kenya: DJ Crème – That Sex Tape Drama Is Behind Me

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I envy my go-getter sister

Amina Abdi is a combination of beauty and brains. A Jill of all trades, she is a radio and TV presenter, a voice actor, emcee, motivational speaker and a musician.Shukri Abdi talks… Read more »

Five tricks Kenyan women use to cheat on their spouses

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Kenyan artistes admit that Wyre, Nameless, Redsan, Jua cali, Wahu and prezzo remain the godfathers of music in Kenya

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